Tell it Tuesday – Sick kid

  • Wow – this week I start classes again! Has it really been 5 weeks?  I’m both excited and nervous about this semester… okay more nervous than anything else. I have a lot to get done before the baby gets here and I hope that I can do it. I am taking one telecourse, which basically means that I only have to go in to school to take the tests for that class (4 of them). The rest I do at my own pace on my own time. I technically have 18 weeks to finish this class, but it’s my goal to finish before the baby gets here. That way I only have to worry about getting work done for 1 class and not 2 once she’s here. Crossing my fingers that it all goes well!!
  • Noah is sick. He started coughing on Sunday and Ray and I thought that it might be from teething drool. When he woke up with a fever on Monday I still thought that it might be due to teething. He tends to spike high fevers during that time (103F +), so I didn’t think too much of it… until he came up onto my lap at 9am, grabbed the blanket, pulled it onto himself, made himself comfortable and went to sleep. This is the boy who usually doesn’t want to nap at 11 am, and here he was laying down 2 hours after he got up. That’s when I knew he was sick. So here we are – day 2 and he is still sick. He’s okay for the most part during the day (though his temp still gets up into the 102F/103F range and he has only a very small appetite), but at night it’s coughing, a non-stop runny nose, and just super clingy neediness. I hate seeing him this way and hope he gets better soon!
  • There was more that I wanted to right about, but my brain is fried right now – I think trying to keep Noah feeling comfortable (and getting up before 6am with him) wore me out today – that and the fact that I have now reached the point in this pregnancy where I have non-stop heartburn and it’s starting to get to me too.

I hope that you all had a great weekend and that this week treat you well!!

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  1. O Boy! do I remember heartburn during pregnancy. I use to eat tums like they were candy!

    Good luck with school too 🙂
    .-= complicated mama´s last blog ..Failing the tests of Pre-schooler 101 =-.

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