Potty Training

Noah on the Potty September 2009

(This picture was taken in September 2009)

It’s come to that time… we are attempting to potty train Noah. I would love it if he was out of diapers by the time the baby is born. I hate to think of having to change 2 dirty butts! So I’ve given him… and myself…  a goal… to have the box of diapers that I bought last week at Sam’s Club be his last box of daytime diapers. I realize that he is nowhere close to being dry at night yet, so I won’t even push for that for now.Pick and choose your battles, right?

He’s not unfamiliar with the potty. I started putting him on it shortly after his birthday last year (just to see what he would do and to get him used to it) and he really took to it, doing both businesses on it within a matter of days. We did this for a few weeks and then… I don’t know what happened… did school get in the way or did we stop attempting because it was a hit or miss situation since he couldn’t tell us when he had to go… I don’t know, but we stopped putting him on there. So… when I started putting him on the potty again recently, it was no surprise to me that he didn’t use it and would just sit there. Not even 1 drop of pee would come out of him, let alone anything else.

Now we’ve got some real work ahead of us!

Yesterday was a partial success – he did do some business on it, but I think it had more to do with the fact that he was in the middle of working on getting that something out when I put him on there. =) (Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!) Naturally we made a big deal out of it and he got a prize for being such a big boy. I’m hoping that today is a success too and that he uses it again.

Here’s where I need your help though… I could use any and all advice that you have for potty training! What things worked for you? I realize that Noah may be a bit younger than other boys that are potty training, but I’m really hoping that we can do this!

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  1. I have no advice since my boy wasn’t fully trained till he was almost 3. Yep that’s right, 3. I do know that boys tend to take longer than girls. Good luck on your adventure but don’t get upset if it doesn’t work the way you think it will. That was my biggest mistake. He will do it in his own time!!!
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  2. I started potty training my son as soon as he turned 2.. but I didn’t put too much pressure on him- like you said just introduced him to it.. and I think that made all the difference. It took a full year but before he turned 3 he was fully trained.

    Recently he (now almost 5) recalled a time during potty training that I showed him that his toy story doll pooped on the potty too (I used cocoa pebbles lol) At the time it was probably a move out of desperation– but apparently it was affective -he still remembers it lol

    The week of Toy Fair I met with a company The Goldberger Company who made potty training dolls(in addition to many other traditional dolls) for boys and girls– and the dolls we anatomically correct. Not sure how you feel about that, but if you are interested, I can put you in contact with them- great people.

    (and the belly buds people– must get you their info too!)
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    1. LOL I love the cocoa pebbles!! How great is it that he remembered that too! I’m trying to do it no pressure too… there’s no need for either one of us to get stressed out about it.

      Those sound like interesting dolls! I’m interested – at this stage I’m game for trying anything that may help! =)

  3. I don’t have much advice as I am just starting down this road myself. My son is 20 months and I put him on the potty. He has successfully done nothing but play with himself!

    My oldest daughter didn’t potty train until right before she was 3. My youngest daughter started right before turning 2 but didn’t really get there until 2.5.

    I know boys are different though.

    Lots of luck!

    1. LOL! That’s my son too – as soon as the diaper is off, the hand goes down… well sometimes the diaper doesn’t have to be off for that either! 😉

      Good luck to you too!

  4. I have a 9 yo and an 11 yo. I remember wanting to potty train my daughter before she was 2 because her baby brother was coming. I think we worked on it before, she regressed when he came and a few months later we worked on it again and it went well.

    If you do it around the birth of another baby, try not to say big boy/girl. They will decide they don’t want to be a big girl/boy when they think the baby is getting attention. Could result in regression. 🙂

    We spent a day at the house, no diaper in the morning (moved to underwear in afternoon). Explained why, then had them “teach” their favorite doll/stuffed animal. This allows you to see if they “get it”. Gave soda drinks and salty treats to encourage more potty opportunities.

    Then we presented new underwear with their favorite character on it. We told them their favorite character doesn’t like to get wet. It’s ok if you have an accident but try to keep them dry. That made it sink in and more fun!

    Good luck!

    I did a post on potty training and my top advice, you can find it here


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