Noah’s Best Friend {Foto Friday}

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Noah's best friend George

Meet George…

Noah looking at George

he’s never far from this little boy!

8 thoughts on “Noah’s Best Friend {Foto Friday}”

  1. We have a must-have toy, too! Lamby the rabbit. The fact that it took me several months to realize it was a lamb, and not a rabbit is something we don’t talk about around here 😉 But Mia loves it, and strokes the ears as she goes to sleep.

    I left you a little blog love over at my place today!

    1. Thanks for the blog love!

      LOL – Sometimes it is hard to tell what a stuffed animal is, but it doesn’t really matter as long as the little ones love them!

  2. Oh, my; he is so stinkin cute…George, that is; well, Noah, too, but you knew that already. I think I adore some of my daughter’s animal friends almost as much as she does. Hope to see you again soon! All is well, I take it???

    1. I’m with you! Sometimes I think I like some of his stuffed friends more than he does!
      All is good. It’s just been busy and I’ve fallen behind on the blog-hopping and reading… hope to be able to get back into the swing of things this week!

  3. Awe, I had a little monkey when I was little too. My son has a lamb named “Lambo” and my daughter has a purple bear originally named “Snuggie Bear”, but has shortened to “Nuggie Bear” or just “Nuggie”.

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