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We’re lucky to have a Regal Cinema’s theater here in our town… why? Because during the summer they have the Free Family Film Festival, meaning that every Tuesday and Wednesday from now until sometime in August they’re showing a G and PG rated movie that you can go and watch for FREE!!! (I love free!!)

Noah has never been to the movies… mainly because 1) he’s still young and 2) we didn’t think that he would sit through it. Since these movies are free though, Ray and I thought that we would take him to go see his first movie… Kung Fu Panda.

He was so excited to go… he kept saying “wow!” and when you would ask him how big the screen was he would hold his hands out to his sides and just say “wow!”

Even after falling on the cement outside and scraping up his knee (and getting his first official “BooBoo” of the season), he was still smiling… you could just not wipe that thing off of his face…

He had fun pointing at the screen and at the many other kids there… I swear they came in by the bus loads!

I have to say, he did really well for his first movie experience. He did get fidgety towards the end, and we left with about 10 minutes left to the movie. Ray and I had seen it before, so it was no big deal to us. Noah was still all smiles afterward and I think I know what I will be doing at least one morning a week for the next few weeks!

(I was not approached by anyone to write about this… I found out about the Free Family Film Festival last year and finally went to it this year… It’s a great free way to get the kids out of the house for  a few hours and I just wanted to pass the info along to my readers!)

8 thoughts on “Going to the Movies”

  1. Waiting until after the previews to get to the theater is great advice! I learned that the hard way taking my little guy to his first movie (Cars) which was long for a cartoon to start…toss in 30 minutes of previews and with 30 minutes left we had to skeedaddle!
    Glad you had a great first run!!

  2. It looks like he did great through the movie and who really needs to see the last 10 minutes? 🙂 My 4 year old will still not sit through a movie. I love that you took pictures during it 🙂

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