Tell it Tuesday

Tell it Tuesday

Here we are again and I am glad to say that I have some news… first… no I am not pregnant! Noah is starting to really talk!!! YAY!!! While most of what he says can still be considered as gibberish, he has picked up at least 4 new words since last week.

1) Car – he first said that as we were waiting at a red light and a car (well pick up truck actually, but I’ll give him credit for that one) pulled up next to us. Since then he has been alternating between his usual “brrrm brrm” and “car car” when ever he sees a car.

2) E (once again the name has been shortened to protect the non blogging innocent!) – while downstate visiting my sister and nieces, I asked Noah what his name was, because I wanted to show them how he points to himself and says “you” instead of Noah (which I think is so cute!!). Instead he points to his cousin and just flat out saiy her name… we’ve never practiced it and he’d never said it before… he’s kept saying it when we talk about who we visited that day.

3) Truck… no cute story, he’s just started saying it out of the blue.

Those are the only words that I can think of right now, but it’s not bad for just a few days! He has also learned the letters “O” and “M” and refers to any circle as “O”… my baby is growing up!!

Abby is advancing too… while she’s not rolling over yet, she is scooting backwards now with her legs… and I swear she was thisclose to rolling from her back to belly yesterday and today too. She’s such a little talker and she loves to flash us her smiles. I can’t wait until her next appointment next week to find out how much she has grown in the past 2 months. I still can’t believe that she is almost 4 months old!

Thank you to everyone for the complements and comments about my hair and the donation. I’m happy that I will hopefully be helping someone with that . I don’t think I would have cut as much off if I hadn’t been able to donate it. As it is though, I’m still very happy with the decision I made. I’m not gonna lie – it did take some getting used to having to do something with it (besides pulling it back), but that was what I wanted and unless I’m straightening, it really doesn’t take that much longer to do.

So that’s pretty much the news here in our neck of the cornbelt, what’s new with you?

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