Drummer Boy {Foto Friday}

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We bought Noah his first set of drums for his birthday…

he’s never played the drums before…

he immediately picked up the drumsticks and started banging on the cymbal…

I think we picked out the perfect gift!

And for your viewing pleasure… I introduce to you the future worlds best drummer!!



16 thoughts on “Drummer Boy {Foto Friday}”

  1. So adorable!!! I’ve never seen this out, Emma makes her own drum sets out of anything she can these days. Love seeing Miss Abby in the background!

    1. Ray found it on Amazon – the company makes “green” toys. I wasn’t sure how Noah would react to the drums, he’s never really made drums of his own out of anything, but he loves the set.

      Abby was entranced by her brothers drumming. It really was too cute!

    1. I wasn’t so sure about it when Ray mentioned getting it, but I have to say that I think he made a wise choice! It’s not nearly as loud as I thought it might be and much quieter than some of his other toys (the electronic ones).

      It’s completely eco-friendly, which I love!

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