Rent, Don’t Buy Textbooks

Did you know that the average student will spend over $500 per term buying textbooks? Seems like an awful lot of money to buy textbooks that often get opened one time, right… well, others… not me. I open them much more often than that… they help me get to sleep after all!! 😉 Promo offer - code CC131347

If you’re going back to school like me, or have kids in college, then I have a website that might interest you. I rented my books through this year and saved a lot!! Not to mention that I didn’t have to pack up 2 kids and drag them to the school bookstore. I thought that I would share the website with you so that you can save as well. I also have a promo code that will save you an additional 5% off your total order, use  CC131347.

Here’s an example of just how much you can save:

Essential Biology by Campbell, Reece & Simon is $83.18 if you buy it on  If you rent it on, it’s only $11.78.  That’s a savings of over $71!

It’s so simple, just search for the books you need and place your order.  Chegg will ship them to you fast… I got my books in less than a week… and at the end of the term you ship them back for free.  What’s really cool is that they plant a tree for every order.

Don’t forget to visit and use promo code CC131347.

I’m a Chegg Champion. The Chegg Champion program helps students earn cash for college… it’s a win/win situation… you save and I earn a little too! If you don’t need the promo code, maybe you know someone who will be buying college textbooks soon… feel free to share it with them and help them save!

3 thoughts on “Rent, Don’t Buy Textbooks”

  1. Wow, that’s awesome, in Italy we don’t have such a thing, but I buy second hand books for my daughter in junior high, and I cut off circa 40% of the price.

    1. I found out about them at the end of the last semester. When it came time to buy books again this semester I shopped around. Even considering what I would get for selling the books later, I couldn’t beat the rental cost. Like I said definitely something to think about!

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