The day it all began

I may have mentioned once or twice that I started blogging because I needed something to keep me away during Noah’s many late night feedings. A few of the women in my online pregnancy group had blogs and I was interested to find out what they were all about.

The ones that I looked at were pretty cute and it was interesting to read what was going on in the lives of these women I had grown to know pretty well over the past 9 months. Since I have family that lives all over the world, I thought starting a blog would be a great way for them to be able to see my little guy.

The day I started my blog my little guy was just 10 days old… and it wasn’t even his due date yet, since he was born two weeks early. My very first blog post was on the now extinct The Krause Family blog… I merged it with the original Mama Michie’s Musings when I  made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Less than two months later I started the original Mama Michie’s Musings… shortly  after that I joined SITS and thanks to them I have met many great ladies… some of whom I’ll one day get to meet in person too!

But back to that first post… On August 18th, 2008 shortly after 9:30pm I published my first ever blog post… this post:


So I thought that I would start blogging to give our families the chance to stay up to date with what’s going on in our lives.
As you all well know, we have gone from being a family of two with 2 dogs to a family of three with 2 dogs. Noah Robert graced us with his presence 2 weeks earlier than expected. After all of the joking around that Ray and I did, he actually arrived on 08/08/08 at 5:34 am. He weighed 6lbs 1.5oz and was 20.5″ long. In other words a long skinny boy.
It all began at my 38 week appointment on 08/07/08 which started out normal, pee in the cup, get on the scale and check for the heartbeat. When the Dr went to measure the belly though that’s when things changed. She looked concerned and said that she wanted to do an ultrasound because my measurements had not changed in the past 3 weeks. She said that it could be because he had dropped, but she just wanted to be sure. I was concerned, but also excited, because it meant that I got to see our little guy again. Well, the following 2 ultrasounds confirmed that he had in fact stopped growing at 35 weeks. My ob couldn’t say why that was, but suggested that we induce labor the following day. Of course I agreed, I didn’t want to jeopardize our little ones health. So out of the office and into the car to call Ray and let him know that we would be parents the next day. He naturally didn’t believe me as we had been joking about an 08/08/08 baby for the past 2 weeks. He realized that I wasn’t joking though and helped get everything ready so that we could get to the hospital. I hadn’t even packed my bag yet!!! That was still on the list of things to do!!!
Fast forward two hours and a quick trip to McDonald’s later… I’m all checked into the hospital and waiting for one of my other Dr’s. She gets to the room around 8:20 pm and puts the cervidil in to soften and ripen my cervix so that we’re good to go the next morning when I’m supposed to start the pitocin. I have to have the cervidil in for 10 to 12 hours and am bed ridden for the first 2 hours (not fun at all). So we watch the Sox lose to the Red Sox and try to relax for the long hours ahead. The nurse comes in around 12 for another check of vitals and asks if I want a sleeping pill. At this point I’m so tired I don’t think that I need it, so I decline – later on I wished I hadn’t. I’m a little crampy, but I figured that was the medication doing its thing. She asked if I was in pain and to rate it – I think I gave it a 1 out of 10. Ray and I try to sleep and he actually manages to get about an hour of sleep. My cramps we starting to get progressively more uncomfortable and my back started hurting. I assumed that was one of the lovely side affects of trying to sleep in a rock hard hospital bed. I couldn’t sleep.
Around 3:30am I started to feel sick – I had Ray get me a bucket and he called the nurse. She gave me something that was supposed to stop it, but that also just came up a few minutes later. By 4:30am I had been given my first dose of antibiotics – I was to have 2 doses for the group B strep. Audree our nurse went to take out the cervidil and check me, because now not only was I sick to my stomach, but I was also shaking uncontrollably (once again I thought I was cold from puking and laying there with just a sheet over me). She told me that those were signs of labor, and when she checked I was already 7-8 cm dilated!!! I was going to have this baby soon and I hadn’t even realized that I was in labor because the pain had been bearable!!
It all went fast from there. By 5 am I was completely dilated and my body was telling me I needed to push. The only problem was that because it all went so fast, my Dr wasn’t there yet. The nurses had me breath through about 20 minutes of contractions – and with each one I hated them a little more for it!! 🙂 Finally, they got another Dr to come and check me. He watched 2 contractions and then said lets do it. Noah’s heart rate was dropping very low and then skyrocketing (from waiting to come out maybe???). They called for a neonatalogist to be there for him. 10 minutes and 4 contractions later – my Dr (who had arrived just in the nick of time) delivered him with a push that brought out not just his head, but his whole body as well. It was the best feeling ever!!
He’s a little peanut with chubby cheeks that make him look bigger than he really is in pictures. Here I thought that we would get little to no use out of the newborn clothes he had gotten, and as it turns out we needed to go out and buy preemie clothes to fit him!! He is perfect, but then again I’m very biased!

With Daddy at the hospital

The next great White Sox Player!!!

I’m happy I’m a week old now!!

I know its just gas, but it’s still a smile. 🙂


It was wordy and full of pictures… but then, I’ve never been one to tell a story without a lot of detail! So there you have it… again… my very first post… and the story of how Noah came entered our lives. Thanks to that one post I officially caught the bug… the blogging bug. I not only wanted to write, but I had to learn more… about other blogs, about coding and how to design blogs.

It’s been over two years now and like I wrote earlier, I’ve made so many friendships, that I don’t foresee myself stopping anytime soon!

{This post is part of the SITS Back to Blogging event. This week I’ll be looking back at posts I’ve written and getting back to my blogging roots… oh yeah and each post enters me in a sweepstakes to win these beauties… you know that I need them with two little ones!! Thanks to SITS, Standards of Excellence, Florida Builder Appliances and Westar Kitchen and Bath for sponsoring this event.}

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  1. I totally agree that this is giving me the opportunity for some cool retrospectives and introspection this week as I prepare my blog for my first blogiversary and a new addition to our family… finding SITS was one of the first great leaps into blogdom that I made and the friendships and new knowledge rival each other for great things! Looking forward to reading more of your b2b posts!

  2. I also started my blog basically just to keep family and friends updated, and then I caught “the bug”. This is so addicting!

    I just noticed your tag line about how life isn’t boring with two kids under 19 months apart. Tell me about it! My kids are 20 months apart and I can tell you there is never a boring day in my house. 🙂

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