Pumpkin picking {Foto Friday}

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Last year we took Noah to a nearby farm to pick out  a pumpkin. We decided to go to the same one again this year, but had problems actually getting there since the weather and our colds seemed to be working against us most weekends. We finally did make it out to the farm the day before Halloween and I have to say that we couldn’t have gone on a more perfect day…  the sun was shining and there was a chill in the air, but it wasn’t too cold. It was simply perfect.

As soon as we walked through the gate Noah saw the school bus and ran over to it. He can’t wait to be able to ride in one!

They had a little maze set up for kids as well as a larger corn maze. We let Noah lead us through the little one… he had fun running around trying to find the right way out (with a little help from us!)

Along with the usual mazes, tractor ride and pumpkin patch, this farm also boasts a petting zoo, exotic wild animals and pig racing! Abby had fun watching the piggies run =)

You wouldn’t know it from his expression, but Noah did too! He didn’t want to walk away from the races were over.

Noah sitting next to the big pumpkin – it was hard getting him to sit still for more than 5 seconds!

Abby enjoyed watching everything, but the fresh air (and being out during naptime) quickly had her snoozing.

We went to ride the tractor to the pumpkin patch and found out that the pumpkin crop had failed this year due to all of the rain this past July. We were still able to go out and pick pumpkins from the field though since they brought some in from another farm of theirs.

Noah was hamming it up once he found the pumpkin he wanted… Abby missed  it all, not even the bumpy tractor ride could wake her!

Daddy and Noah

Noah had fun riding in the cart with our pumpkins.

After his nap he helped us gut and carve them… he was so excited about them… he kept running up to the table to look at them.!

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  1. He has most gregarious smile about everything. The pumpkin patch we went to was PACKED. It was hard to get a pic without someone in the background. These are great. Abby looks so sweet in her white hat.

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