More teeth and other updates

I few week have passed since the last update on the children and all I can say is that they have not slowed down where the milestones are concerned.

Our little Abigail is stunning us with how quickly she is learning new things. Less than 4 weeks after starting to crawl, she is now pulling herself up on anything and everything she can and is starting to cruise! Her favorite thing to do right now is to pull herself up at the coffee table then reach for our hands then walk to us… one cautious step after the next… and her face lights up  and she laughs a little with every step she takes. It’s sooo great to watch! She has also learned how to climb the stairs (Lord help me!) and has gotten as far as crawling up three stairs (I’ve caught her on the first step and then stand behind her as she goes up the others… once again with the biggest smile on her face). As if all of that weren’t enough, our little girl has sprouted her 3rd tooth already!! I know that they say that girls do things quicker than boys, but man she is giving us a run for our money and I am not ready for things to go this quickly with her!!! At this rate, I would not be surprised if she’s walking at Thanksgiving!

Noah is moving forward as well. He is talking up a storm and parroting almost everything that we say. His new favorite saying is “No way Mom!” and he uses it many, many times a day! I love the way he talks right now… he drops the first letter of most of his words and replaces it with an “h”… so sleep becomes “heep”, sock are “hocks” and door is “hore” – gotta love that one! His oddest word replacement is the word he uses for raisins – “hibbits” – Ray and I have no clue how he got that one, but I love it. The  other thing that he does now when he wants something or approves of something is repeats what you said and then adds “yes!” with a firm head shake up and down… so if you ask him if he needs to go potty, he’ll think about it and then either respond “potty… yes!” or “Poop Potty, yellow potty… no way mom!” He also is cutting his last molar – 3 of them are in and the 4th is just under the skin… you didn’t think that he would let Abby have all of the teething glory did you?! 😉

Having two mobile children is proving to be interesting to say the least. It’s definitely keeping both of us on our toes! Noah is a great helper though and will try to keep Abby out of things or places she shouldn’t be… I often hear him saying “Abby, no No… No No Abby, No No!” Most of the time it’s when she’s getting close to his cars or train set… and it’s usually followed with her cries of protest when he takes said item away from her grabby little hands. I can only imagine that it will get worse the more mobile she gets…. oh boy!

So that’s the past few weeks week in a nutshell. I’m starting to think that all of the recurring runny noses may have been caused by teething… again… but since we were all sick., and then sick again, it’s hard to tell. All I know is that the past week has been tiring and I’ll be happy when I can go somewhere without having to have tissues within arms reach. I wanted to post a new picture with this post, but I’ll be honest… it is 9:45pm and I am dead tired (despite taking a nap with the kids this afternoon), so I’m not. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday though, so I’ll make sure to find one for that.

11 thoughts on “More teeth and other updates”

  1. Holy smokes! She is going to be walking. That little booger is so smart and eager to go. 🙂

    Noah’s speech is so cute. Hope the runnies run away. I’ve had those pesky runnies from allergies the last month. 🙂

    I can’t imagine what they will be doing 6 months from now. Hold on, right mom?

    1. I know!! I don’t want to think about what it will be like 6 months from now! I’m not ready to have two walkers in the house, but it’s sooo cute how excited she gets when she’s standing and moving around.

      Allergies stink! I hope your runnies go away too. Noah has 1 molar left and then he should be done with the teething thing for a few years – yay!!

  2. Busy, busy, busy! That is for sure! The holidays are going to be so exciting this year for you guys. Praying the sickness goes away and the teeth come in easily with no cranky babes.

  3. Awww – it’s great both kids are doing so well!!! And holy cow, Avalynn is still at only 2 teeth, but she has 6 all at the gums ready to pop through according to her Dr. at her last appt, joy joy when that happens!

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