Abby is 9 months old!

How can it be that my baby girl is 9 months old already? When did this happen and who gave her permission to grow up so quickly?!! It’s been a crazy few days here this past week… we finally got some snow!! Yay!!  I swear I was off by a day or two all week last week… I would have bet money one day last week that it was only Tuesday, when in fact it was already Thursday!!! Seriously how do I lose track of two days like that? So imagine my surprise when on Sunday I happened to notice the 9 month sticker on Abby’s baby calendar staring at me. How had it become the 5th of December already?

Anyway… back to Abby…. yes, as it turns out 9 months and 3 days ago I gave birth to that precious little (well she was little then) girl. Today she is a master at cruising and prefers to do nothing but that all day long. I think it’s hilarious how she uses anything and everything that is light enough to move and glide over the floor as her own personal walker (not  that she doesn’t have a walker, she just prefers to use whatever is closest to her… her music table, the high chair, laundry baskets… anything!). She is always moving and almost never sitting still… the only time she is ever really quiet and still is when she’s relaxing and getting ready to fall asleep… she even figits and keeps moving while she’s nursing and don’t even get me started on how she acts while she’s eating!

Speaking of eating… she is starting to eat “real” food… meaning food that Ray, Noah and I would eat too… and she’s loving it. She’s still a bit limited in what she can eat, since she only has 3 teeth, but that will soon change. Her top two middle teeth are thisclose to pushing their way through the skin and then she will no longer be my little snaggle tooth… and as to that… I found out today at the doctors office that only 5% of children have a tooth to the side of the middle tooth come in before the middle teeth themselves… interesting isn’t it?

She did really well during her well baby visit… she only got 1 shot – the second half to her flu shot – and she didn’t even cry when that was given to her. She did cry, however, any time someone tried to lay her down… to check her length, to look in her mouth etc. She just wants to do what she wants to do and hates having to do something else instead! Our baby girl weighed in at 20lbs and measured 28.5in in length – that’s only 1oz more and 1/4in less than what Noah was at that age. She’s doing slightly better in the percentages though – in weight, she’s at 71% and 81% in height. Not to shabby in either if I do say so myself!

Abby started clapping her hands last week – it’s so cute when they learn how to do that! She also has started “yelling” at us. She had gotten hold of Noah’s sippy cup the other day and started crying when he took it away from her. Ray and I both asked Noah to share his water with his sister, so he gave Abby the sippy cup again… at which point she looks right at us and starts babbling in her angry tone! It was too funny! She’s already letting us know that she will voice her opinion!!

Other than that she is still my happy, sweet little girl. She still wakes up twice at night and loves to drift asleep in my arms at night. She is my little water rat and if given the chance she would stay in the shower for hours, sitting right under the stream of water (so very unlike her brother there!). She is my little cuddle bug and her big tight hugs are the best. Happy 9 months little girl! We love you!!

9 thoughts on “Abby is 9 months old!”

  1. *thunk*

    That sound was my jaw hitting the floor.

    Nine months old already?! I can’t believe it!

    And walking already, too. My oldest didn’t walk until she was well over a year old… I think my youngest was about 10 months.

    1. She’s been pulling herself up and cruising for a month now – way too early if you ask me!! Noah wasn’t walking til after his 1st birthday too, that wasn’t so bad 😉

  2. 9 months already!!! She looks alot like Noah in that pic. and she does give really really good hugs, little spider monkey! Love ya! Give the big girl a hug and a kiss from me (and Noah)!! xoxo Auntie K

    1. She’s totally Noah, but with longer hair and a bit more of a wild adventurous streak to her!! I gave them hugs and kisses from you! You should stop on bye sometime!! 😉

  3. Wow – time is going so fast!!! Happy 9 months sweet Abby! She looks absolutely adorable in that photo!!! And she’s doing better than Avalynn, who still only has 2 teeth, blah!

    1. Thanks Kat!

      Be thankful that Avalynn’s teeth are coming slow. We were up every hour last night thanks to Abby’s top front teeth. I can see the white of one and I sure hope it’s through soon!

      1. I completely feel for you – two weeks ago Avalynn was working on her two uppers, I can see the white bottoms but they haven’t popped through yet! It’s nuts.

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