It’s Christmas everywhere!

That’s Noah’s  newest saying… we’ll be in a store, driving down the road or just coming down the stairs and Noah will stop, look around and say “It’s Christmas everywhere!” It’s too cute!! Ray said it once and it’s been Noah’s thing since then. I love seeing the excitement in his eyes as he sees the decorations and the lights, and I love that he wants to turn the lights on the tree on as soon as we get up… but they’re on a timer so I make up some excuse as to why I don’t. The little bugger has learned how to plug in the lights on the railing though, so I guess there will be a safety plug added to the extension cord!

December has just been busy, but I am glad to say that we have 90 % of our holiday shopping done. There a just a few gift cards left to get and some odds and ends for the kids… and apparently Ray still has to a perfect gift for me… no pressure honey!! I will really be happy once they have all been bought and wrapped… hopefully that will be taken care of on Monday… maybe then I can breath easy and start getting some more posts written… I have so many of them floating through my brain, but just haven’t gotten them written down… must write to stay sane!!

It’s been cold here… so very cold… the type of cold where you just want to huddle up and stay inside until March… unfortunately that isn’t an option… and unfortunately we are also not moving to Hawaii like we did in a naptime dream I had the other day… yes I took a nap one day this week… Abby has been teething and for some reason Noah woke up with a leaky or close to leaking diaper 4 nights this past week. Good new though… Abby is now the proud owner of a 4th tooth!! That little bugger pushed it’s way though and showed itself to us this morning!! Yay!! I wonder if letting her try the turkey meatloaf last night helped to push it through?? She’s been eating anything she can get her hands onto… including part of a pb and j sandwich that Noah no longer wanted and threw down to her when I wasn’t looking… who needs a dog when you have a sister, right?! Sheesh! Thank goodness she’s not allergic!

Noah is being his rambunctious self and we’ve decided that he will be going to a 2’s /pre-preschool program in March if I get the go ahead from the park district… there’s some confusion as to the age requirement… the brochure says ages 2 1/2 to 3 and online it says its for 3 year olds. It also means that he will have to be potty trained by then… so we have some work to do, but hopefully that won’t be too hard. He’s good at letting us know when he has to go poop, but he’s not so great at letting us know when he has to pee. He will hold it and stay dry for an hour to 1 1/2 hours, but unless I have him go to the potty an accident will happen when he does have to go. I think we’ll really work on it after the holidays are over… how I would love to only have to change 1 diaper!

… So I started this post last Friday… today is the following Tuesday and I can now finish it! Apparently I did something to my laptop where it would take FOREVER to do anything. After 2 days of dealing with it and trying to find the problem, we finally came to the conclusion that I had to wipe it and reinstall everything (which I still have to finish doing). Then Noah hurt his foot while playing on Sunday… we decided to take him to the orthopedic yesterday when he still wasn’t walking on it. It’s not broken, but he is in a splint and probably still will be over Christmas!! We call it his super shoe… because it will help fix his foot. Thankfully I have most of my shopping done and don’t have many errands to run… he loves to walk when we’re in the store and won’t be able to do so with the splint on… it’s one thing for it to get “house dirty”, but I really don’t want it “store dirty”… so no walking.

That’s it for us right now… I hope you all have most of your holiday preparations and shopping finished so you can relax for a day or two before the chaos!!

1 thought on “It’s Christmas everywhere!”

  1. How cute!! It IS Christmas everywhere. 🙂 I just love it when they start to “get” it. I can’t believe his foot. Poor guy! That is sooo sad. I just adore the name you gave it (supershoe). I know it makes him feel like a hero. Hope he gets well super soon.

    I think Abby needs some turkey jerky next. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

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