New look

Hi everyone! I just wanted to invite you all to stop on by and take a look at the blogs updated look. I’ve been working on it behind the scenes for the past week or so and am finally ready to “go live” with it.

For those of you with my button… you don’t need to do anything! You should already have the new button =)  For those of you with my really old button – the blue one… I’ve deleted the link so please stop by and grab the code for the new one.

I’m going to go watch The Town now with Ray… Happy Blogging =)

6 thoughts on “New look”

  1. Very nice! Love the new colors. 🙂 I enjoyed The Town but felt they were showcasing Ben Affleck too much and it got on my nerves (like yes, we see you, yes aren’t you hot, yes, you directed this, we CAN SEE that. LOL)

  2. It looks great – am LOVING the colors! I’ve been tinkering around trying to figure out something for mine too…still can’t commit to something/find exactly what I’m looking for.

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