Hello mobility, good-bye sanity!

Abby has started taking her first steps… in fact it was a week ago that she took her first steps… first two, then four. She looked so proud of her naked little walking self =)  (She and I were getting ready to take a shower… hence the nakedness). While she’s getting better at walking and is taking a few steps here and there, her favorite thing to do when we try to “practice” is to stand there and then let herself fall forward – much like those trust tests they have people do. Thank goodness one of us is always there to catch her. She thinks its a game and giggles like crazy… then she does it again as soon as we stand her back up.

The one thing that she has gotten great at this week is climbing the stairs. Holy smokes she’s fast!!! She climbed the stairs the first time a month or two ago… maybe it was closer to two… but she never really got higher up than the first or second stair. Not these past few days though! She’s quiet and sneaky about it and before we knew it she was “missing” yesterday. Ray found her at the top of the stairs, playing with the gate… that was only two minutes after he thought that she had come to visit Noah and me in the bathroom, while Noah went potty. I hadn’t thought that we would need to put the gate back up at the bottom of the stairs… I had thought wrong.

Abby is so quick. How  could I forget that little kids can be so quick while crawling… it’s not that long ago that Noah was crawling… well… I guess he did start walking almost 18 months ago… my how time flies. Abby is going to be 1 in less than two months!!!!! Be still my heart. I will almost have two toddlers in the house. Oh boy!! And they are both so very strong minded – just like their daddy. In fact they are like their daddy in so many ways… it’s both a blessing and a curse at times 😉 (I love you Ray!!) But I wouldn’t trade them in the world. They are both amazing and I can’t believe that the’re both mine!

Noah and Abigail napping on my lap

9 thoughts on “Hello mobility, good-bye sanity!”

  1. Oh man – I can’t believe she’s walking so much already! Miss Avalynn will only cruise around the furniture. And seriously – what a ridiculously cute pic!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a sweet, sweet picture. She is walking?? NO FRIGGIN WAY. I can’t believe a year has flown by. My goodness!
    Can’t wait to see where she takes you guys next. What a little dare devil. I bet she has the same glint in her eye as Noah. I’m sure that’s from Ray! Ha.

  3. OMG!! I can’t believe Abby is going to be one soon and walking! Holy smokes!

    Love the new look of your blog:)

    The picture of the two of them is so sweet!

  4. First that picture is adorable! I just love it, that needs framed for sure!

    They get so fast and so quick, it’s amazing they survive that stage of life with all the dare devil tricks they pull!

  5. Ummm…how is it even possible that she’ll be one in less than 2 months, let alone the fact that she is walking?! Oh my!! Once they start, it’s like the go from nothing to 90 in 1.2 seconds. I wish I could freeze time, sometimes!

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