Craft time – week 3

While this little guy

was playing with these

his mama took a few minutes to do some fun things too… like make a few of these

I’ve been admiring the fabric rosettes that can be found on any number of craft/home blogs these past few months and finally took the time to make some myself. I have a few items in the house that could use that finishing touch, and I think that a few of these will do it. They’re pretty quick to make, which is nice because I can make 1 or 2 quickly while the kids are eating. =)

PS:  It took me 2 weeks to finish my first craft project of the year… mainly because I was so busy with trying to DDC the house. I need to take a photo of it so that I can show it off here on the blog =) Maybe then you’ll also get to see the before and after of the kids bathroom remodel, since the project is for that room =)

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    1. Thanks Kat!

      I’ve seen a ton of different tutorials online – I couldn’t remember where though when I went to go and actually make them. I Googled it and found one from Little Birdie Secrets. I changed it up a bit though and didn’t tie the knot in the beginning – I folded the fabric in half and glued it then I folded one corner down (it made a little folded triangle then) and glued it again before I started twisting and rolling.

      Wasn’t sure if I should make a tutorial for it, since there are a bunch out there already, but I can if it helps =)

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