Clean House = Easy Living?!!

Who knew that it could be so easy to keep a clean (well, cleanish) house? Seriously, my home has never looked as good as it has the past week or so. That’s not to say that it doesn’t still have it’s problem areas or that everything is spick and span, because it still does… and it’s not. But it is far less cluttered and messy than it was just a few weeks ago… and I’m loving it!

I’m no longer picking the kids (or my outfits) out of mountains of clothes in laundry baskets… in fact, all of the wash that was done yesterday and this morning has already been put away… you have no idea how great that is!! Prior to my starting to DDC, there would be times (ok… it happened almost weekly) where clean, folded clothes would be in baskets all week. I think the problem was that I would procrastinate and let things pile up and put things off for so long that just the thought of taking care of it would be overwhelming… my, did I just admit to that?!

It’s not like my days are filled with cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning right now. I’ve broken it down where I do a few things daily. Nothing overwhelming and most of which I can get done while the kids are napping… well all except the vacuuming. I typed everything up including space where I can plan a weeks worth of meals, printed it out and laminated it. I have it hanging on  the fridge and check off the task as soon as it’s completed. I love that it’s laminated! At the end of the day, the daily tasks get wiped off and the next day starts with a clean slate.  So far this week I’m keeping up pretty well… well with exception to the vacuuming… and am even a little ahead despite doing 7 loads of laundry yesterday!!

If you’re interested in the chore chart I  made and want to use it (or tweak it to better fit your needs), just click on the following link… it will take you to the pdf I made. =)

Chore Chart and Weekly Menu

Do you have a cleaning schedule, cleaning day or do you wing it?

13 thoughts on “Clean House = Easy Living?!!”

  1. Since I moved, I have been horrible about keeping a schedule, but I used to do a type of room a day and it worked out really well. Then I had weekends off from cleaning. I really need to get back to that.

    1. That sounds like a great plan too! I take weekends off with this too, I also like that the majority of the cleaning is done at the beginning of the week – leaving me with more time to play on Thursday and Fridays =)

  2. First off, I am so proud of you!! Since getting home with Ryan, I’ve been on a goal to do the same thing…and have been keeping up with it! I’m so so happy and proud.

    I don’t have to be scared to have people see in the house or come over.
    I don’t have to pull clothes from a basket to wear.
    I don’t have to wonder if my daughter is going to get into something she shouldn’t.
    I don’t have to worry about not having enough dishes to eat dinner or make it with.

    I’m going to take that chart and make it prettier, if that’s cool with you!

    1. Go right ahead and make it pretty – my version is very plain!

      Good for you that you’re keeping up with things too! I know that you have a lot on your plate right now and I think it’s great that you’re able to make it work!! So happy to see that you have Ryan back home where he belongs!!

  3. I have been feeling more on top of things too! I have bveen organizing my closets which had made putting things away easier. I am also attempting to catch up on my laundry…which will be a long process…however I have decided that if I fold and put the load away instead of waiting for a pile maybe it will actually get done…maybe

    1. Having an organized closet definitely helps! I organized mine too and now I just hate to mess it up again! Laundry is work – I hope that one day I may get it all (or most of it) tackled too – I’ve been keeping up with the washing, folding and putting away, now I need to tackle the ironing =(

  4. I use the Motivated Moms calendar that is somewhat similar to yours. When I say use, I mean want to use, because I haven’t really started this year though I have looked at it daily lol.

    Glad you are making progress! Maybe it will rub off on me 🙂

  5. Can you send the cleaning fairy to my house? My husband says to me, “I never realized how much you do around here.” This is after my recent surgery where I’m pretty much useless. Hmmm….now he sees the benefit of my helping around the house now eh?? And I have a job 🙂 Haha…oh well…

  6. I started a cleaning schedule a few months ago and my house has never been so “clean”. I actually do all major house cleaning on Mondays. Vacuum every 2-3 days. And then everyday during nap and after kids bedtimes I go around and clean up all of those trouble areas, so when I wake up in the morning everything is in place. As for laundry, I just pick a day where I don’t have much going on and knock it all out in one day.

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