Just a spoon full of sugar..

I really wanted to write about something fresh, new and well… earth shattering (yeah right!!), but there will be none of that today. No  instead I’m taking a teeny tiny break from what I’ve been doing since late last Thursday… which is to say that for the few minutes it’s going to take me to write this I will not be wiping any noses… or putting Vaseline under said noses… or looking for a new “bwoogie cwoff” (Noah  translation: boogie cloth).

Both kids are sick, though Abby is getting better… she was the one who got it first. Not sure where they got it… but they got it and now it’s Noah’s turn. Noah seems to be past the fever stage today, but is in the “nothing tastes good, because I can’t taste anything so I son’t want to eat anything” phase… which, judging how Abby did, means he should be feeling better in about 2 days. Don’t know when it will be gone though, because she still has a pretty nasty cough.

Anyway… between the frigid cold spell we had last week and now the sickies that have hit the house, I haven’t been out of the house for any length of time since last Tuesday… stir crazy??!! Ray and I also decided to cancel our plans for a Mama/Daddy weekend away… we were supposed to have a little alone time this upcoming weekend, but that’s a no go now. It’s probably better that way, since Ray was complaining of a sinus headache this morning… I guess I know who the next sickie will be!!!

It’s not all bad news today though… little miss Abigail is a full fledged walker. One month after her first steps alone and 3 months after she started cruising around the furniture, I can proudly say that she really walks. Sure she falls down and will crawl, but only until she’s found something to pull herself up to walk again. It’s so cute and she’s so proud of herself!

There are also times when Noah isn’t feeling too bad… it’s after those moments that I find things like this throughout the house… yes that is an upside down car stuck in between the drawer and cabinet. Those moments have been few and far between though the past two days and we’ve mainly been spending our time relaxing, cuddling and watching lots and lots of Disney movies.

And because I don’t want to just look (and think) about boogie cloths, runny noses and sickies, here are some gratuitous photos of the kids… after eating (frozen) blueberries… it was Abby’s second time eating them and she LOVED them!!

{I think there’s some on my chin Mama!}

numm numm numm numm

Can you tell he loves his movies?!?! I’m pretty sure we were watching Cars… again!! 😉

2 thoughts on “Just a spoon full of sugar..”

  1. Ohhhh….cute, cute, cute! Love her blueberry happiness. You really captured the trance of movies on Noah’s face too! HA.

    Hilarious pic of the car garage he created. Congrats to walker Abby (my gosh, she was just born! wasn’t she?)

    And hope the household is on the mend.

    My allergies are nuts —-again! I thin it’s my 3rd sinus infection in the last 3 months.

    Hang in there! Enjoy the warmer weather. 🙂

    1. Oh your allergies are about as annoying as my kids colds!! Booo!!! Sinus infections are the worst. I’m sending lots of healthy thoughts your way!!

      She was just born wasn’t she?? Crazy how quickly a year flies by.

      We’re going to try to enjoy the weather this weekend, now that everyone is on the mend… too bad they had the sickies when it was in the 50’s (that’s more like your winter right?)

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