11 days

meatloaf face11 days until Abby turns 1. I can’t even tell you what I was doing a year ago at this time… probably studying for my Psych class or preparing for another check up with  my OB. I know that I wasn’t expecting my second born to be gracing us with her presence in such a short amount of time… both in days and the length of time it actually took to birth her… after all she was due 4 weeks after her actual birth.

In just 11 days my little girl will be 1. I’ve been asking myself a lot lately if I’m okay with having this possibly be my children’s last first birthday. I don’t want it to be… I would love to add one more to this crazy bunch… even after nights like the ones we’ve been having recently, my heart holds on to the wish of one more. Ray and I have been talking about it since before Abby was born… financially it would make more sense for us to stop at two… but I believe that if you look at having children from a financial stand point, then you wouldn’t be having them at all.

In just 11 days I will officially be the mom to two toddlers. Someone hold me. Abby is doing everything at lightning speed… though it seems that she is following in her brothers footsteps when it comes to talking (the only words she says right now are Mama and at times Dada). She is growing up (and out of her clothes) so quickly… I really need to go through her closet and pack away another set of clothes that she’s out. It’s always such a hard thing for me to do… it was even hard for me to pack away Noah’s clothes… I don’t want to think that I will be seeing them on one of my children for the last time.

In just 11 days I will be reliving one of the happiest and craziest days of my life. I don’t think either Ray or I will ever forget that day… Noah will since he was so young, but I will let him know that he and Daddy ran red lights and raced behind an ambulance. If she happens to be our last child then I will be happy that I didn’t dwell on the fact that with every passing milestone not only was our daughter getting a little older and wiser, it was another milestone that I would not be reliving with another of my children ever again. It’s a fact that I’m not ready to face yet… but one that I am preparing myself for anyway.

How did you know you were done having children… do you know that you’re done?

Edited to add:

After reading this post my husband wanted to remind me (which I’m now letting you  know, so that you don’t get the wrong impression from this post) that having another child is not a question of finances for him… it is more a question of whether or not we can survive the insanity of having two so close in age before adding another to it!! He just laughs at me when I tell him I think we could manage it!! =)

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  1. OMG I can not believe it’s been almost a year already! She’s such a cutie pie.

    I think we’re done. I felt VERY done before I got pregnant with David. Every once in a while I feel a twinge of wanting a baby, but it’s very fast fleeting!

    1. Thanks Paula!

      I always knew that I wanted more than 1 child, but after I had Noah I felt like 3 was the right number. I think the baby feeling is just hitting me harder right now because my baby is having turning 1 soon.

  2. Say it isn’t so!! 11 days? One year? WHAT?!?!

    Have we really been blog friends that long? LOL.

    She is precious and WOW, just wow. That’s all I can say.

    You have done very well managing and I have no doubt you could do three.

    I wanted more. I always wanted more. Physically it wasn’t possible with out major moolah on IVF. We even considered adoption, but I don’t think it will happen. Our girls are turning 17, 7, and 5 in the next few months. I will be 40 this year. We definitely have enough – but I will probably keep yearning until….grandkids!

    🙂 Enjoy!

  3. I can’t believe that Abby is going to be 1 in a little over a week!!! Time has flown by so fast. And as for more children, I often wonder that myself – I’ve always wanted a big family – 3 or 4 children, figure we’ll see how crazy we are after the 3rd one arrives!

  4. Wow! Congrats! Happy B’day baby! Let’s see, when did I know when I was done having kids, or do I know? Well, I am 25 with a 7yo and a 4.5yo. Both girls. I am working toward my doctorate degree, I have a full time job, my boyfriend and I might as well be married but we don’t have time! I had decided I was done having children when I went back to school, knowing that by the time I get the degree I will be in my mid-thirties and then starting my career. That right there decided it for me. But every time I see a baby I do the goochy talk and tear up. I smell the beautiful new creation in my arms and can’t stop from staring into their eyes. And then I realize I will never get my boy, a son. I will never do the “nesting” getting everything ready for the new arrival, I will never have this moment again. But I know that I have 2 beautiful, healthy, and smart girls and I am on the track to get the future we all want together, and who knows? Maybe adoption will be an option by then. I think it’s an extremely difficult decision to make, but I have priorities and goals I need to reach!

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