Jump, Jump, Jumping

Mr Noah has learned how to jump! He finally figured it out about a month ago and has been jumping and hopping all over the house since. It’s too cute – at first he barely got any air under his feet, but it was completely new to him and he loved it and squealed in delight whenever he jumped (while saying “jump” at the same time, because you can’t jump if you don’t say it).

I’m happy about the accomplishment… it’s so cute to see him squat down, pull his arms back and then jump 2 inches in the air… sometimes landing on his feet, sometimes on his little tushie… but always with this look of concentrated determination on his face. It just cracks me up!

He is getting so big. I watched a few videos we shot of him from this past summer and it amazes me to see and hear how much he’s changed and grown in the past few months. I mean I can see how much Abby has changed… it’s pretty obvious to see those changes… but Noah’s changes are more subtle. His speech is getting so much better… though I think it’s still cute that he says “wuv” and “yehwoh”. I love it when he says things like “I wuv you evwy day Maahmi”… if I tell him that I love him every day then it becomes a big love fest with us retelling it to each other.

We watched some video’s from the day he was born today. We saw his first bath and he was amazed at how angry he was. I was reminded at just how little my little man was. He’s not that tiny 6 pound baby anymore… he’s a jumping, hopping fun loving little boy who still can melt my heart with just a smile.

Here’s a video of him jumping – but to preface it – it is shot sideways… not sure why. I shot it with my little POS camera and haven’t figured out how to rotate it 90 degrees – Ray is working on that for me with some video software he has. It was shot a few weeks ago when Noah insisted that I take his photo… I did, but made him jump for me too!! Have fun! (edit: Ray was able to fix it – so here’s the upright version of the video!)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6TLFh1J9UY&w=560&h=349]

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