Happy Birthday Abigail!

Dear little Abby,

One year ago you let us know that you were a strong willed little girl… you were so determined to come out and meet us even though you were supposed to wait  until April 2nd (give or take ). You were a tiny little peanut… not the big baby we were expecting and your “drive thru” delivery had the whole maternity ward talking about you!

Abigail crawling

You are a bundle of energy and are moving forward at warp speed! I can’t believe that you are walking… no strike that… almost running now (okay… speed walking) at just one year! But then again, I guess you had to learn quickly so that you could keep up with your crazy big brother. I think it’s so cute watching you both “race” while doing laps through the downstairs.

Abigail finger

You give the best (and sloppiest) kisses… though please do us all a favor and keep your tongue in your mouth when you kiss us! I love how you tilt your head forward to receive kisses when you’re not in the mood to give them back to us. You are a snuggler and you are happiest when you can give your daddy the big snuggles with the little happy leg kicks.

Abigail looking

You are our little dare devil and you just love keeping us on our toes. You will climb any thing and everything in your way and just yesterday you managed to both climb onto the couch and Noah’s bed for the first time. Thats fun, but it’s not the most fun for you though… no, you think that it’s more fun to stand on everything too… the couch, the timeout chair (while peeking through the stairs railing to see if we can see you!), your brothers “big boy” toddler chair and even his little school desk! As if climbing and standing on everything is not enough, you even try to throw your little leg over the side of the tub!!!

Not only are you the little dare devil (I actually call you our little mountain goat… but shhh – don’t tell anyone!!), but you are also the dog that we no longer have. You not only growl at everything (though that has been happening less lately), but you also feel that you need to chew on EVERYTHING!! Nothing is safe… books, tables, chairs, puzzles, toys, shoes (really?!?! Dirty nasty shoes?!?!)… don’t even get me started on paper and crayons. I can’t let Noah play with any of his board games or puzzles while you’re awake because you will destroy them with your sharp little teeth… nothing is safe from the “Abby monster”. Noah loves calling you that while running away from you, giggling the whole time.

Baby girl, you have made our hearts grow and grow and grow. We all love you so very much! I can’t believe that you are already a year old… this past year has just gone by so quickly, but I wouldn’t trade any minute of it. I hope you have a great first birthday!

I love you sweetie!!

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  1. What a cute little angel ^_^. One year old baby is the start of the exploration. that’s why they love to climb and touch everything that looks new to their eyes.

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