My name in lights

I’d love to see my name in lights… well maybe not… but I have been featured over at Frosted Fingers in Paula’s new Chicago Blogger series.

I have known Paula for years… we went to high school together (I will refrain from saying just how long ago that was because it will let you all know just how old we are… but I do believe that if our class were to host a 15 year reunion, this would be the year *cough* Class of ’96 *cough*).

So do me a big favor!! Go over there and say hi and let her know that I sent you!!  =)

Now I need to go back to finishing my laundry (Abby’s birthday dress is in there), but I will leave you a sneak peek of  what she’ll be wearing when she eats her cake =)

Abby's birthday bib sneak peek


3 thoughts on “My name in lights”

    1. I know!!! I thought to myself “That can’t be right!” and then did the math again… sure thing! It’ll be 15 years this June!! Crazy how fast the years have flown by!

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