Abigail at 14 months

Abby on Mother's day

Want to hear something crazy? When asked how old Abby is, I actually have to stop and think about it (and I may have told some people the wrong age a time or two). Little miss Abigail is 14 1/2 months old today and the time is just flying by.

Our little walker is now a frankenstein runner (well, speed walker)… love it!! For anyone who doesn’t know what the frankenstein run is… picture a very unsteady (drunk looking) runner holding their arms out and not really bending their knees… that is the frankenstein run. Despite looking like she could topple over at any time mid-run, she is actually quite good at it and loves to run in circles around the downstairs rooms with Noah.

After a week of gnawing on any and every windowsill that she could get her teeth onto, I am happy to say that tooth number 7 made its grand appearance two weeks ago closely followed by tooth number 8 last week.

She’s also gotten quite a little personality lately too. She’s definitely become more “talkative” though she has yet to say more than “mama” (which more than half the time means food), “dada”, “babeh” (baby) and “Abba”. I love that she says her name. If she sees herself in a photo she’ll point to it, say “Abba” and then point to herself! **LOVE**

AbbyShe loves to play games with Noah… like chase and who can squeal the loudest. LOVES giving zerberts (or raspberries) and kisses on her terms… she’s learning to give non sloppy kisses too! 😉 She is always on the go and doesn’t like to sit for more than a few seconds at a time… unless we are at a play date and then she won’t leave my side for very long. She can climb up the stairs in 2.5 seconds and has learned that she needs to slide down them (and the couch and bed) on her belly and feet first… she learned those all on her own too!

Lately she’s been wanting to use a fork or spoon when she eats and at times actually does quite well with the fork… though most days I spear the food onto the fork for her while she’s holding it and then let her do the rest. She’s our little eater and still eats anything and everything on most days.

She’s a great little helper and loves to get her shoes out of the closet when we leave the house and put them back in there when we come home. She also tries to flip the light switch, but is still a little too short to reach it (though she’s watched her brother enough to know that she needs to get and then stand on the step stool first!)

She’s still my little water baby and loves both the bath and shower… all I have to do is say either word and she’s off!

Last but not least, we’ve really started sleep training her. We’ve put it off long enough due to their sharing a room, but it was time… it seems to be working well too! After only 3 days she went from crying on and off for 45 minutes to under 2 minutes (both at nap time and bed time). Now I just need to break her of her middle of the night milk snack and get Noah to start sleeping all night in his bed and we’ll be good to go!! =)

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