A little of this… a little of that.

I just put the kids down for a nap and before I get on to straightening the house up a bit, I thought that I would hop on here really quickly. This week has been a week of getting things done… not necessarily the things that I or my husband have wanted (like starting to paint the kitchen cabinets), but getting things done none the less.

I read a book this week… devoured it really… Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda. I had never heard of the author before, I was sent some info about it from the One2One Network and thought that I would give it a chance. It could not have come at a better time and was exactly what I needed to read right now. I wasn’t planning on making this a review post, so I won’t… just wanted to get that out there.

I can officially say that summer has started, even though right now it’s only 63F out side. Why can I say that so surely? Because we got our annual running of the ants visit in our home this past weekend. ARGH! It seems that we have a colony of carpenter located somewhere near the house (my guess is by the back deck), that likes to check out the “big indoors” as soon as the weather is nice enough for us to open the doors. We kept seeing one here and then there and then somewhere else last weekend. It was always just a big, ugly, single black ant but it was enough to give me the heeby geebies. My breaking point was when I saw 2 of them in the pantry/laundry room/garage entry. I went nuts cleaning out the place and may have ticked my husband off by moving the dryer (which caused the vent to come undone… oops… sorry hon!!). I saw one go back that way and had to get it though… which I did. I set out two Borax/sugar traps where the kids couldn’t get to them and hope that was the last of those ants.

I took our winter comforter off of our bed the other day and space bagged it… those bags are awesome!!! I’d never bought one before, but thought it might be the perfect thing to store an otherwise very bulky item. Love it!! It was so much fun watching the bag (and king size comforter) shrink and shrink and shrink! It’s the little things in life.

The last thing on my mind today… well two things… I just gave Noah a “not-yet summer length, but get rid of the winter length” hair cut and it makes him look soo grown up! He did great while I cut it too. Usually he’s very squirmy ad doesn’t sit still, but this time he sat there quietly watching Go Diego Go! the whole time… I think that may have been the trick actually… since we don’t have cable anymore, he’s never seen that show. He was totally engrossed in it. The other thing… I’ve started setting Abby on the potty and she loves it! I’m trying to get her to understand that that is where we go poo… I’m so sick of changing stinky diapers!! ha! I think it may be starting to sink in too. She actually did something on there once yesterday! The rest of the times she just books it over to the bathroom when I catch her going in her diaper. It’s so cute… I’ll ask her “Abby do you have to go poopies?” She’ll stand there (usually mid grunt) think, shake her whole body with a yes reply then run to the bathroom. As soon as she’s on the potty she starts doing a wiggle dance and clapping to celebrate the fact that she’s on there (and I have to clap and cheer with her). It cracks me up every single time.

Okay, so that’s it for now… I have to go finish cleaning the kitchen and sweeping up Noah’s hair. I hope those of you here in the States have a great holiday weekend!!

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  1. I’d love to see his big boy cut when you get a chance. And how COOL she is already starting to potty train. She is one smart little bugger. Those diaper days will end VERY soon!!! Rooting for you! And hey, I’ll take ants over a snake ANY day! HA!

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