New Floors – almost finished

Last week was a busy week!! Like I mentioned in my last post, we spent Memorial Day ripping out our old carpet and dining room floors. We worked our butts off getting it ready so that it would be out of our garage the next day, only to find out that we didn’t cut and tape it quite like the disposal company wanted, so the garbage man didn’t take it away with the rest of our trash!! UGH!!

Tuesday was spent clearing out the rooms a bit more, but there really wasn’t much for us to do that day. Wednesday on the other hand… that was the day we were finally able to start laying down some wood! =)

Just as a reminder, this is what our living room looked like (I took this the day that we ripped up the carpet, so imagine it with curtains and toys and that is what this room usually looked like).

We worked on the floors Wednesday night, Thursday night and most of Friday (Ray had a half day of work,  so we were able to start right after lunch =) yay!! ). We still have some work to do before the rooms are finished, but we are soooo happy with the change so far….

(For anyone wondering, those are microfiber cloths under the sofa’s… one of my best purchases ever… bag of 24 for $9.99 at Home Depot. I use them for all of my cleaning and they make great floor protectors too! haha)

We still have to install the quarter round moulding, paint the walls, buy new furniture, a rug and curtains. Some of that will be done soon (moulding), some soonish (painting) and some will have to wait until the rest of the renovations downstairs are finished (furniture). The kids are having so much fun with the new floors… I think they love that they are nosier than the carpet floors were… their stomping and running around – lap after lap after lap after lap – sort of gave it away. 😉

The floors are not anything like what Ray and I had been looking at or even considering getting… we were looking at both lighter (bamboo) and darker (cherry) floors, but I am so happy that we went with the oak! I was afraid it would look too yellow, but it doesn’t at all… the floors have such a warmth to them. I know I said it before, but I can’t wait for the walls to be painted… I think it will add even more warmth and make them feel less like hospital walls. Oh I get a little giddie just thinking about it!! =)

6 thoughts on “New Floors – almost finished”

    1. Thanks! I know you must be talking about the floors, because everything else in those photos is far from beautiful! 😉 I do love them though, it’s so much easier to keep everything clean now… it’s turning me into a little neat freak.

    1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the variation at first and it was something that I was really afraid would bother me, but I like it too (though there is a board or two that I could do without… just too dark or too light).

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