Thank goodness they’re cute!

It is just after 10pm and I have finally finished editing photos that I took of the kids outside playing and had intended posting last week. I’m the only one awake in the house (not including any ants or other creepy crawlies that know better than to make themselves known to me and my shoe of insect death)… it’s an odd feeling. Sure I’m  the only one awake at nap time, but almost never at night… okay so that’s not entirely true. There are many nights where Ray and I are downstairs watching a movie and I’m the only one awake watching it… but that’s not the case tonight. No, tonight he’s actually already sleeping in bed. I probably should be too… I’m so very tired. After having a few good weeks of night time sleep, the kids are back to their usual “sleep like crap and wake up 12,000 times” routine. *sigh* Thank goodness they’re cute!

Noah and his tricycle

It’s officially summer now, though it felt more like spring today. It was only in the 60’s and the kids and I actually had sweatshirts on!! That’s a far cry from the 90’s we had just last week… at least I think it was last week. The days are blurring together… yet they feel so long too. It’s been a trying week, with lots of rain and storms and toddlers with attitudes that could rival a teenagers. Thank goodness they’re cute!

Abby still isn’t talking, but she “talks” non-stop. If you do something she doesn’t like or doesn’t want you to be doing, she’ll “yell” at you. It’s funniest when she’s “disciplining” Noah right after I do. She has so much spunk. I love her little over exaggerated head shake when she shakes it “yes” or “no”… it cracks me up every time. She’s also realized now that she gets kisses when she hurts herself, but she only does it when she hurts her fingers… she comes up to me and first wants her kiss on the forehead, then on her finger, then she kisses her finger, then back to my mouth… no wait it goes in my mouth, then back out and kiss it… and once again on the head. She’s started to refuse giving me a night time kiss, and instead hugs me really tight with her head on my shoulder, avoiding my kisses at all cost… she still get them though after I have pried her off of my shoulder and before I put her (protesting) into her crib. She’s so cute!

Noah can’t wait to go to preschool this fall. He puts on his little back pack everyday and tells me that he’s ready for school… half the time he’s only wearing his t-shirt  and underwear… sometimes not even that much!! When I tell him that he needs to get dressed first… “Why?” … I hate that word!!! I hear it 5 million times a day… “why, why, why, why” It’s great that his brain is a sponge… I was given proof that it is this evening when he asked why we couldn’t drive down a certain road… a road name that  he’s never spoken and isn’t easy for a toddler to say… a road that I had told 2 days ago not to drive down, because the power was out on it… my boy remembered this and asked me about it today! Must remember to really think about what I say in front of him now!! Anyway, he’s ready for school… he sings his ABC’s almost as much as he asks “Why?” and I love that when he gets to “E” he says “A” again… he’s so cute!!

My heart has so much love for these two… I never thought that it could grow to love so much. They’re not perfect little angels, if they were I wouldn’t have spent the past 10 minutes up in their room putting them both back to sleep(Noah woke up and went to the door crying “I want mami”, which naturally woke Abby up too *sigh*). Thank goodness they’re cute!!!

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  1. OMG – the insect death shoe is totally me!!! WTH do they have to come out when the Hubs is in bed already? Sometimes if they are too disgusting I leave the shoe over it for him in the morning to deal with!

    Your kiddo’s are getting so big and are adorable!

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