Sleepy sleepy sleepy

You may have noticed that I took a little unscheduled break. While I am blessed to have morning sickness free pregnancies, this one is just exhausting so far. The time that I used to have to spend online {naptime}, is now spent napping with the kids…. not that I’m complaining, napping is great and greatly needed, it’s just also causing me to feel like I’m falling behind on so many things. Hopefully it will only last a few more weeks and then everything will go back to “normal”… whatever that may be!!!

Life is moving on. Noah is still loving both preschool and taekwondo… I have some exciting updates {and a few fun photos Ray took} to post hopefully tomorrow. Abby has cut 2 more teeth for a new total of 16 teeth. She also showing interest in the potty! Yay! She’s been letting us know when she has to go “poo pah”… which means 75% of the time she’s already done, 20% she just sits and laughs and the last 5% is actually a successful try… not too bad! =)

That’s just a quick summary of some of the things going on here. I’ll be back with some photos soon!!

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  1. The story is fun, good writing and good job for Abby, the 5% 😉 Can’t wait for the pictures and seeing you guys next week!

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