Noah the photographer

Before I write anything else, I want to say thank you for all of the kind comments on the previous two posts. Those first two days were very hard… very hard. It’s getting easier though and I can even say that yesterday and today {so far} have been good days. I think it may have helped that Ray stayed home yesterday… it helped keep my mind off of “things” and that is exactly what I need right now. Today has been good because it is almost 50 degrees here {!!!} so the kids and I were able to spend a glorious hour outside this morning enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

One of the things that we did yesterday was surprise Noah with a new gift. One of his Christmas gifts needed to be returned and it just so happened that we saw the perfect new gift for him at the store… based on the title to this post, I’m sure that you can guess what it is… he got a kid tough camera that he just LOVES! Just an example of how much he loves it… with in a few short hours, Noah had taken 570 digital photos with his new camera!! 70 in the first hour this morning!!!  =)

While most of the photos turned out to be blurry or unrecognizable {thank goodness, because I know that he took at least 1 shot of Abby’s successful trip to the potty}, there were a few that turned out pretty well for a 3 year old.

Noah's photography self portraits

Noah's photography randoms

Noah's photography Abby

Noah's photography Mama and Daddy

I love looking through his photos and seeing what he sees. It’s a little different to see things from his height and perspective… it also made me realize just how much he looks at my stomach!! 😉

Well, Abby is done with her nap now, so that’s my cue to stop writing. =) Til next time…

4 thoughts on “Noah the photographer”

  1. Whoa, 570 shots in just a few hours… thank goodness for digital “film” and the ability to delete! 😉

    It’s always fun to see what kids take pictures of.

  2. Ha! I love it too. They have such unique perspectives. I think he did a GREAT job for three. I still have all the photos Molly took when she was four. 🙂 Great stuff! And so glad to hear you are feeling better.

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