I am what I eat

The saying is that you are what you eat, right? If that’s the case, then I am a walking ice cream, cheese, cereal,milk,  potato, pasta, hamburger and ground turkey using freak. Naturally I eat more than just those few foods, but if I had to list my favorites… there you go.

Ray started a random movie on Netflix the other night while I was making popcorn, since he didn’t want to start the “real” movie while I was busy. That random movie {Forks over Knives} ended up being so interesting that we watched the whole thing.

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We both have been in this funk where we feel, and know, that we need to change what and how we eat. Since having the kids, we both have added a few pounds {or in my case, I never completely lost them}… and while I know that I’m not over weight, I also know that I’m not the weight that I should want to be or have the body that I want to to have. We’ve both been making excuses and they need to stop.

The movie that night really opened our eyes. Forks over Knives promotes a plant based, whole foods lifestyle and the changes in the people who were featured in the movie was astonishing. It wasn’t just the changes in the people though that captured my attention, it was the studies, the scientific data and the proof that this works on so many levels that captured me as well. So much so, that we ended up talking about it more and ended up buying a book about it as well.

Now, I’ll be honest here and tell you that while it sounds like a fantastic lifestyle change – because in the end that’s what it is… this is not just some diet – I don’t think that either one of us wants to make quite that drastic of a change in our lives. It will be great for me to eat more fruits and vegetables and make plant based foods the stable of my diet, but I just do not see myself giving up my dairy products {I LOVE dairy!} or the occasional hamburger.

I am excited to give this change a try though and both Ray and I have agreed that we will be starting by having a few meatless days in the week. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a potatoes and pasta kind of girl, so losing the meat won’t be so hard on me but adding the fruit and veggies will {I’m odd – I know}. I am hoping that making this change not only allows me to become a better healthier me, but also teaches the kids a better way to eat too… plus losing those last few pesky pounds would be nice too!!


3 thoughts on “I am what I eat”

  1. Did you ever hear the phrase, “If you are what you eat, I must be fast, cheap and easy!” Makes me laugh every time. Good luck on your new challenge. 🙂

  2. I love this idea. It is something I need to do. I did clean eating a few months back (nothing white or processed was the basics of it) and I felt amazing and lost a few pound which was nice too. Yet, I sort of fell off the wagon around the holidays. In my classes I Have been showing a documentary Food Inc and thinkign about the same thing. Way less meat and more whole foods for me and the kids! The kid part is hard with my picky eaters but I am going to keep on trying. I can’t wait to hear about how it is going for you

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