I am what I eat – Part 2

I wasn’t planning on writing more about this just yet, but I guess that I am. =)

After a dinner fiasco yesterday, during which we realized that we really don’t have very many whole-foods in the house {though we did end up finding something that fit definition… gnocchi with tomato sauce}, I decided that it was time to stock with pantry and fridge with enough food for a few whole food plant-based meals.

I spent 90 minutes in the store, reading labels and making informed decisions as to what I should and shouldn’t buy. I walked out with a full shopping cart full of healthy food and only 4 items really didn’t fit into the whole foods category – yogurt and milk for the kids, popcorn oil {we love popcorn but don’t have an air popper}, eggs {I don’t know why I felt that I HAD to buy them} and a top for Abby {on clearance for $1 – just couldn’t pass that up!}… oh and a bottle of wine for tonight – it is Valentine’s day after all!! 😉

I didn’t shop at a specialty store today. I wanted to see just how much my “regular” go-to store had. While I’m no big fan of Wally World, it is the store that we shop at most because of it’s convenience. I was surprised to see that they actually had a pretty decent selection of natural products, when you look for them. They didn’t have everything that I was looking for though, so I will probably be visiting Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market soon to see what they have to offer as well. The plan is to make this an easy transition… in every aspect. The easier it is, the more that I’m likely to follow it completely. The more days that we are able to eat whole-foods plant-based meals, the better it is for us.

healthy food shopping trip

Not included in  this photo are 2 bags each of frozen corn and broccoli, 1 gallon of milk and the eggs.

In addition to eating better, I plan on taking measurements and maybe a photo or two of myself, so that I can visually see the changes that are taking place over the next few weeks and months. I’m not sure yet just how much of that I plan on sharing with the world though!! =) So far today has been tough… there are some leftover homemade sliders in the fridge and they are screaming my name! I’m leaving them there though and will have a baked potato with salsa instead. I am making a vegan chili for tonight’s dinner and I have a feeling that the kids may be wanting the sliders instead! I’m sure Abby will try the chili, she definitely takes after Ray in that she LOVES all things spicy!! I’ll let you know how it turns out and will share the recipe soon! =)

If you have any meat/egg/dairy free recipes that you love, please feel free to share them with us in the comments!

3 thoughts on “I am what I eat – Part 2”

  1. Good luck… I think you’ve got the right mindset, thinking of this as a “lifestyle change” and not just a “diet”.

    I’m like you, a “pasta and potato” girl… I seriously LOVE me some carbs. Which has made these last 6 weeks on the BlueSky program pretty torturous for me! (And I have 6 more weeks to go. Six more weeks of no pasta, no bread, no rice, no potatoes. Oy.)

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