Hello Monday – April 9th

Hello Monday!

Noby Designs Ava Tote, Medium - Carmella Custom

Hello there new tote! I hope you make a little girl very happy next weekend!

Coloring eggs

Hello there eggs! I love that this photo was taken from Noah’s point of view using my little camera.

Easter bunny deco

Hello bunny! The kids and I drove down to visit the family on Easter… I’m happy my mom had lots of decorations out, because this mama didn’t really get to it this year.

Easter Egg hunt

Hello sweetie! We ran out of baskets to collect eggs in for the Easter egg hunt, but her little tote worked just perfectly!

Easter egg hunt loot

Hello basket with eggs… Noah did well during the Easter egg hunt! No where’s his stash of candy??!!

Master bath before demo

Hello shower! While the kids and I were out visiting family yesterday, Ray had a date with this beauty…

Master bath after demo

this is what she looked like after he got done with her and all of the debris was cleaned up… we have lots of plans for this room!!

Abby's painted nails

Hello chubby little hands with nails that just had to be painted {someone got some Piggy Paint in her basket yesterday}. Hello tell tale sign that your older brother “helped” you paint one nail before I painted the rest. 😉

Hello Monday - me

Hello!!! I thought I would keep it real and post a picture of myself from this morning on here… add a face mask, work gloves, and a sweatshirt {it got hot once I started washing the dust off of everything} and this is what I looked like while cleaning out broken tiles, dust, builder trash and unused insulation from the demo area. I’m sure I could have left the builder trash right where it’s been hidden these past 10+ years, but I just couldn’t do it!!

Sooo… the kids are starting to wake up from their naps and there are demands for milk and snacks being made…  Hello again Monday – I hope you treat us well this week!!!

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