Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

This week has been another milestone week. I finally decided to really concentrate on getting Abby potty trained and she’s doing great!!! She’s even to the point where she will run to the bathroom and do it all herself {she even sings the potty song to herself when she’s done… it’s so stinking cute!!} Now if only I could get her to poop in the potty we’d be all set. It’s not all bad though… she still wears diapers at nap and bedtimes, so that’s when the stinky business gets done… which is also nice because it used to be done 4+ times a day! {She is my eater… and what goes in must come out right? Too much info?? OOPS!! 😉 } I can’t believe that the end of daytime diapers is in sight!!!

It’s Spring break at preschool this week and while I haven’t been able to get as much sewing done as I would have  liked, I was able to list two new items today and am happy about that!

Noby Designs Fast Cars Tote

I’ve added another tote for boys… the fabric for this tote has even been preschooler approved… Noah picked it out himself!! The Fast Cars tote is currently listed in a new, larger size. The new medium size tote is 12″ by 14″ long, 2″ wide at the bottom and has a 15″ handle {approx. 7 1/2 inch drop}.  This particular tote is the one that Noah has been using as his preschool bag. It has been gone through quite a bit and yet once it’s washed it looks as good as new. I love that the fabric is still available and am happy to be adding one of the original Noby totes to the shop!

I also added another pillow cover to the shop today. This one is a bit more neutral in decor…

Noby Designs Appliqued Pillow Cover

The appliqued pillow cover is made using white cotton canvas with black cotton lettering. It measures approximately 16″ square and has a zipper closure on the bottom. I love how durable this fabric is! The heavier weight fabric is great to use with kids {believe me, mine are not gentle on the pillows I’ve made!!!}, it’s very durable, takes a beating {or two… or twelve} and is soooo easy to clean. Right now these pillow covers are custom order items, but I do have plans to make a few ready to ship covers as well.

Alright… it’s movie time for Ray and me… Night!! =)

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