Master Bath update

I finally uploaded the photos from my little camera to the laptop… it’s been a few weeks since the last time I did that and I just had to laugh at some of the photos that were on there… Noah and Abby can be such goofballs!! There were a few of them where they were really hamming it up… mainly because they had brought me my camera and told me to take pictures of them… gotta love it!

Abby peeking

That is the view that Ray and I would get {of one or both children} whenever we were trying to do something in the bathroom…. followed by Abby running to the bathroom door asking, “Wah happn bafoom?!?” I swear, I think on one day I heard her ask that 1000 times!! Who’d have thought that she would bee so upset by the fact that the bathroom is all ripped up?

We {and by we I mean Ray} seem to do most of the work in the room on the weekends,  and though we are still in demo mode…

Bathroom remodel before and after 2

Ray was able to do a little building last weekend…

Bathroom remodel before and after 1

After lots of talking about what we were going to do with that corner, we decided to just enclose it completely. It has been a fairly useless corner since we moved in 6 1/2 years ago. No matter how nice I tried to make it look, it always ended up just being a catch all area for shampoo, body wash and cleaners. We had thought about putting some built in shelves on the one side of the wall {facing the bathtub}, partially for storage and partly for decorative items, but in the end decided against it. Enclosing the space will close off the room a little, but our bathroom is so large {especially for a townhouse}, that I’m really not all too concerned about it.

We still have quite a bit of demo left to do in the room… the mirror, sink and cabinets need to be taken out, the tile floor needs to be removed and the shower pan needs to be gotten rid of as well. We will also be taking the toilet out temporarily when we get to working on the floors, but it will not be replaced. That is actually the first thing that Ray replaced right after we moved into our home.

In the meantime, I will be busy trying to find a new shower, tile and a new vanity with a top that will actually fit into the space. That is proving to be harder that I thought it would be!!

Soooo, it’s getting late and my bed is calling my name. I have lots planned for tomorrow and I hope to be able to give you a sneak peek of another new product soon!!! I hope that you all are having a great week!

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