Catching up

Upper Peninsula Vacation

It’s that time of year again… vacation time to be more exact. We took a little trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula over the week of the 4th and we loved it!!! Our trip up there could not have come at a better time too… it was over 100 degrees at home while we were gone and only in the 80’s in the UP!!! We took a lot of photos… if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen some of them already. I will post about our trip as well… I have a post started, but seem to be at a loss for words, so that will have to wait a few more days.

We’ve been back a week and a half now… last week was spent catching up on the house and getting it de-vacationized {made that one up myself!}. The cooler weather followed us back home and we were able to get out and enjoy it daily. This week it’s back to the hot, “don’t want to leave the house during the day” weather, so the kids and I have been trying to think of fun indoor things to do. We do get out in the evening though, after Ray comes home, and have some squirt gun fun. Noah loves it and runs around shooting us, giggling and laughing when we shoot him back… Abby in the other hand loves to shoot her little squirt gun, but follows it  up with “No shoot me!!”… what a little nut!!

My sewing machine has been just as busy this week as it was the week before we left. I sold another Ava tote this past weekend and just finished sewing it up. I’m also half done with a new tote that I hope to have in the shop by Friday… it all depends on how well the kids nap tomorrow though!! =)

Speaking of which… my two little terrors just woke up and are telling me that they want a snack… I swear they are little bottomless pits already!!

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