Sew, Sew, Sewing

My sewing machine has been seeing a little more action these past few weeks and not just because I have been working on new test products… No, my machine has been busy sewing totes like this one…

Custom Noby Designs tote - Let's Move

A week before we left for our vacation, I sewed up a new “Let’s Move” tote for a friend, who then gave it to a little boy who recently became a big brother and had a birthday. Before giving him his new tote, she put some quiet books in there for him… what a great idea! He has something to look at and keep him busy, while giving his mom a few minutes to care for his new little brother!

Noby Designs personalized Ava tote - Frances

Just a few days later I sold an Ava tote {packing wasn’t the only thing on my list of things to do before vacation!!}. This tote was a birthday gift for a little girl who was turning two.{FYI – the small 10″ x 10″ totes are the perfect size for toddlers!} Here’s the feedback that I received after the tote arrived at its new home…

“The little girl for whom this was a present loved it! She carries it everywhere – to the library and the market. And she’s 2! Such an awesome gift. Her mommy was very impressed too!”

I just love getting feedback like that!!

After coming home from Michigan, the sewing machine got a few days rest while I took care of the vacation laundry, and then things started right back up where we left off. I’m happy to be sending off the following tote to its new home today…

Noby Designs personalized Ava tote - Caroline

So here I sit… I just put the kids down for a nap, hopefully they will both quiet down and rest for a while so that I can go downstairs and finish the new tote I started sewing {I can’t wait to get this one listed… I love it!!}. I can hear Abby complaining and calling out for me… it seems that as soon as it’s time to go to sleep, her owies start up… it doesn’t matter if it’s nap or bed time. She knows that it will get my attention… for a while there I thought maybe her 2 year molars were bothering her, but they still aren’t any where near coming in yet. I think both she and Noah just got used to having Ray and me around them non stop during vacation, and now neither one of them likes to sleep “alone” anymore {they aren’t alone by any means, since they share a room, they just want us… particularly me… in there with them at sleep times *sigh*}. She’s stopped complaining now, and I can hear the two of them playing… I have a feeling that I’ll find them both in Noah’s bed when I go up there. =)

So there you go, my little update for today… now I must go and be the “mean mama” so that the kids will settle down and nap… because they both still need their daily naps!! I hope you all are well, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another Friday Flashback!

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