Rainy Thursday, daa daa, daa da da dah

(Title sung to the tune of “Monday, Monday”…) Yesterday was one of those days where I wished it would rain so that I didn’t have to go out… my to do list was a mile long and I just wasn’t feeling the day, but it was sunny and beautiful out and so the list was pushed aside for a while, and the kids had their share of fun outside.

Today though…oh yes, today the rain is here, the skies are nice and gloomy and the ground is still wet after this mornings rain… the only thing we’ll be doing outside is running to and from the car while we run some errands. It’s the perfect snuggle up under the covers kind of day… and I love it, even though there will be no snuggling for me! I’m tackling my list today and am happy to see it get shorter and shorter… and with each strike that is made, the mess in the house disappears a little more and more. *Yay!!*

Noah's car parking spot (2)

Today is also one of those days when I wouldn’t be surprised to see things like this. He’s got such an imagination and I just love seeing what he comes up with on a daily basis. Just yesterday, he took two of his Trio sets and turned them into a “Bad Guy shrinker and blower-awayer”… he’s a superhero, and that’s what they do after all. =) I love this age… for both of them… Noah is so full of life and imagination and Abby is his little sidekick, parrot and nemesis. Each day is an adventure… filled with both good and bad times. Noah is going through a stage right now where he’s testing his boundaries with me… multiple times daily… and it’s so trying. It’s hard, because he acts completely different with me than he does with Ray… he listens much better with Ray… they both do actually… and I hate pulling the “If you don’t behave, I’ll tell daddy” card, but it’s sometimes all that I have left… and I know that Ray will stand behind what I said too… so that helps. =)

But… naptime has ended now… Noah just opened the door to his room with a “Mommy I love you!” and so that’s my cue to say so long for today. Hope you all are having a great week!

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