Early Morning Bliss

It’s just past 7am on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Ray has just left for work and I am enjoying the peace and quiet in the house while the children are still asleep. Somehow, our two rugrats find their way into our bed each and every single night, and it’s not always easy for me to slip out unnoticed. I love my children, but I cherish these quiet moments of solitude.

This summer is quickly coming to an end… it was such a great  summer. The kids and I spent many hours outside, playing and chasing each other, perfecting their tricycle and bicycle riding skills, drawing toddler/preschooler masterpieces onto the driveway… and we even got to dance in the rain the other day. There were many days where all that I wanted to do was to sew or write, but the blue skies were begging us to go out to them… and well, little legs need to run, which is something we can’t do in the “studio”, so out we went… it will be winter soon enough after all and then we will be forced to stay indoors.


handdrawn applique - Noby Designs

I have a full day planned today… including working on another custom order that will be heading to California. I can’t speak for other indie biz owners, but seeing the “sold” email in my inbox just puts a great big smile on my face… every.single.time! I love doing what I do… I love every step of the process.  It makes me so happy to know that I am sharing something with others.

For those of you that “like” my biz on Facebook, you may have seen this yesterday, but I had to share this here too…

Fun Fact: I hand draw and cut each and every applique that gets sewn onto my totes. Also, every applique is interfaced for added stability, prior to being fused and then sewn onto the tote.

I think I will start sharing more “Fun Facts” both here and on Facebook. =)

Well friends, the kids have woken up and there are “buddy beds” to be put back together! I wish you all a great day!

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