My First Insta-Friday

I’ve seen people posting Instagram photos for the past few months, but unfortunately, my phone wasn’t supported, so I couldn’t use it… ¬†boo hoo hoo, I know ūüėČ

My husband surprised me with a new tablet for my birthday last week, and it just so happened to have a camera on it… it’s only front-facing, so taking photos with it can be a bit tricky sometimes, but I’m making it work for me and am loving Instagram so far!! So… I thought I would take part in Jeanett’s Insta-Friday this week and show you the little snippets of my life via my phone¬†tablet… and if you’re on Instagram, come find me – I’m michaelakr =)

life rearranged

Noah and Me

Naptime on my birthday… I had orders to work on, but I was feeling sick and run down, so when Noah asked me to lay down with him at nap time, I did. I needed and wanted the snuggles and it was great to lay there with Noah while holding Abby’s hand through the slats of her bed.

 Loving hands

Speaking of holding hands… ¬†this is the way that they fall asleep almost each and every single day… the funny thing is that Abby has to be asleep first before Noah is actually allowed to hold her hand. If he tries to grab hold of her hand while she is still awake… oh boy!! Let’s just say that he’s learned to check first! =)

Plate Licking Good!

Instead of having a traditional birthday cake, Ray bought me cheesecake… he knows me so well!!! Seeing that both of us like love cheesecake, it’s no surprise that Noah and Abby were crazy for it too… so much so that both of them were licking their plates clean!!

It’s no secret that I love to craft… knit, crochet, cross-stitch, sew… anything to keep my hands busy and scratch that creative itch. I especially love projects that are portable… like this {infinity} scarf.

My aunt and cousins were here on vacation last week, and I met them and my mom in a nearby town… the thing about driving to this town is that my mom almost always gets lost finds a scenic route… and she did it again last week! The kids had fallen asleep during the drive, and I didn’t want to wake them, so it was the perfect opportunity to knit. =)

Noah sleeping in

Unfortunately, the bug that I had earlier in the week, didn’t stay with me… Noah got it too. Between getting the cold and being out all day at the Cranberry Festival in Warrens, WI, Noah was a little more sleepy than usual. My little sleepyhead wanted nothing to do with us Sunday morning and told us to just leave so that he could sleep alone. haha!! Since we were still in the hotel, there was no way that was going to happen… silly kid!!

Sleeping  family

That darn cold then moved on to Ray… who actually ended up getting it the worst. =( ¬†Family naps are something that we do sometimes on the weekend… the kids know that and usually get pretty excited about it. So imagine how excited they were when we had a family nap on a Tuesday because Daddy was home sick!! I got up as soon as everyone was asleep because I had work to do… but I had to snap a picture of them first… once again, I just love how Noah is holding onto his sister… and the amazing thing is that the two of them slept like this for almost an hour before separating… Love it!! Noah is such a little snuggler… and he love’s his sister so very much, I know I will miss this once they grow out of it.

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