Election Day 2012


It’s election day… I’m so happy that it’s finally here, 1) because it means I will be casting my vote for the candidate who will hopefully be the president of our country, and 2) all of the political ads will finally be ending… until next election season at least.

Noah and Abby are eager for their Daddy to get home, because they know that we will be going to vote once he gets home. We’ve been talking a little about voting and what that means today. At one point Noah asked me what Democrat and Republican mean. Instead of really getting into it, because there’s only so much a 4 year old will understand about it, I told him that they were like teams that the politicians are on. His reply to my answer… “well, they annoy me ’cause they all talk to much!” So true honey, they do talk a lot!

No matter what party you follow and support, I hope that you went out and voted!!

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