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I thought that I would check in really quickly… the kids are napping and I’m waiting for the dryer to finish doing its thing. This past month has been an interesting one!! I’m doing okay (though not great) on my resolutions so far… I missed one week on both the craft and recipe goals. The two new {to me} recipes that I made were both definite keepers and I will be making both again and sharing them on here as well.

While I haven’t been on here very regularly, I have been on both Instagram and Facebook posting photos and updates about us. I thought that I would share those with you on the blog as well.


viewmaster fun

Ray’s mom came to visit one day earlier this month and brought with her all of his old View-Master  reels from when he was younger. The kids had a blast looking through them!!

new business cards

I used up the last of my business cards last month and had to get some new ones… I love seeing them!!

current  reads

One of the books I’ve been reading lately… this year is all about growing after all. =)

soap making with the kids

Our first craft for the year… the kids and I made soap! The had a lot of fun making it, but even more fun using  it afterward.

shaving cream fun

Cold weather fun… food coloring, shaving cream, paint brushes and two naked kids in the bathtub = two hours of entertainment.

naptime snuggles

Noah wanted a photo of the two of us… I think he was stalling at nap time, but I went with it! =)

new product - mini boos

Testing out some new products! I’m looking forward to adding these to the shop soon.

Cold weather driving

It was cold last week… bitter cold… this was at 9 am, and it was actually “warm” compared to the day before!


Cold weather calls for some crockpot Chili… last week’s recipe. It was sooo very good and I can’t wait to make it again.

Noah eating Thai

Noah asked to have Chinese food one night… we ended up getting Thai instead. He LOVED the Pad Thai and had fun winding the noodles onto his fork and then slurping them off again.

kids markered faces

The kids were very quiet one night while playing in the playroom… when Noah came downstairs, we found out why! They had been “painting” their faces with their dry erase markers!! Thankfully it washed right off with a little water. =)

Puppet theater

Last week’s craft… Noah and Abby wanted a puppet theater, so I sewed them one during nap time. It was fairly easy to put together and the kids love it!

2013 better life workbook

I downloaded the Incredible Business and Incredible Life workbooks from Leonie Dawson a few weeks ago… she’s so inspirational and it felt really good to work on these.

Noah and his batcycle

Noah really loves his blocks… it doesn’t matter if it’s Lego or these Trio blocks. His imagination is so great! This was one of his latest inventions… a bat-cycle with sidecar.

That’s a little bit from the past few weeks in photo form… naturally there was much more happening… like a quick last minute trip to Pennsylvania to visit family. I’d love to chat more, but the kids just woke up… and I have a no computer rule for myself while they’re awake… so I’ll say goodbye for now! =)

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