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Building and maintaining a website takes quite a bit  of work… work that’s not always noticeable just by visiting the site. I’ve been working behind the scenes quite a bit over the past few months… changing the theme and layout, adding the shop and then slowly filling it with products. Most recently I did this…

eo menu screenshot

Those of you that have stopped by recently may have noticed a new option in the menu bar – I’ve added an essential oils section! I started using essential oils last year and love the changes that they have brought to our family. I have oils that help support our immune system, oils for occasional gastrointestinal distress, oils for respiratory issues, and an oil blend that I have lovingly renamed my “Happy Oils”!

Since my love for these “snake oils” (my husband’s words – haha!) doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, I thought that I would start to share about them here – starting with the info that can be found in the menu up there.

For those of you reading this through a reader – please feel free to stop on over and check out the updated site and menu options. Dont’ forget to say “hi” while you’re here!

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