Somebody had a birthday…

The past two weeks have just flown by. I tried sitting down to write a few times, but the words would either fail me or come out frustrated and upset… neither of which I could (our would want to) publish. So instead of worrying about my lack of blogging creativity, I sewed, crocheted, cleaned, organized […]

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Living Frugal Friday

It’s Friday, so that means that it’s finally time to properly introduce and start posting about Living Frugal Friday. Over the next few weeks (and possibly months), I want to talk about the ways that our family is saving money just by making some simple changes. When Ray and I bought our home a little

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15 Weeks

It’s official… the first trimester is behind me and we’re moving on through the second trimester, one day at a time. Ray and I got to have another little look at Minion #3 a few weeks ago… we got to bring home a few more photos of the little one…

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First trimester update

It is Tuesday night and the kids are in their room fighting with sleep, but thankfully not with each other. I’m listening to them talk to each other… it’s more nonsense than anything else… and I can’t help but wonder what it will be like when a third child is added to the bunch. The

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Where I’ve been

So I started this year with great intentions… take some more fun vacations, sew more, write more, craft something new every week, as well as try new recipes weekly… It turns out though that the only thing that I’ve been keeping up with so far (and even there I have skipped a week or two)

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On Openness and Honesty

The thing about being an introvert, is that it is so very hard to really put yourself out there for everyone to see. Even when “hiding” behind a computer screen and typing the words out on the keyboard, it’s tough to step over that imaginary line drawn on the ground, hit publish, and just bare it all for the world to see without censoring yourself in some way.

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What we’ve been up to

I thought that I would check in really quickly… the kids are napping and I’m waiting for the dryer to finish doing its thing. This past month has been an interesting one!! I’m doing okay (though not great) on my resolutions so far… I missed one week on both the craft and recipe goals. The

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Baby of Mine

Baby mine, don’t you cry.Baby mine, dry your eyes.Rest your head close to my heart,Never to part,Baby of mine.Like many other children, Noah and Abby have a few bedtime rituals that must be followed… one of which involves me singing multiple songs {both in English and German… and it’s really cute to listen to them

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