Craft overload

I have some crafting to catch up on and finish. Just off of the top of my head I am aware of 4 started projects (ok 2 of them were started yesterday). They are (in order of oldest to newest) Halloween counted cross stitch picture started September 2007 Scarf – started to knit a light […]

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He had to get it

Muncher had his two month vaccinations yesterday. We’ve decided to follow the Dr Sears method so he only received 2 instead of the 6 he normally would have gotten. Poor little boy took it like a champ. He only whimpered a little. He slept most of the afternoon and evening then yesterday. I was hoping

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2 Months!!

Happy Birthday little Noah – you are officially 2 months old today!! I can’t believe how fast everything is going – or how big he’s getting. Everyday he has something new – whether its that he’s establishing more of a routine or he’s doing something new. He’s been cooing a lot more lately and smiling

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Procrastination 101

I should have cleaned. The key word there is should. It was my intention to clean when I got up this morning. It just hasn’t happened yet. The closest I have gotten to cleaning today was to throw a load of towels into the washer. I did cook dinner though. I’m happy about that. It

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Bounce Bounce Bounce

Noah has gotten bored laying on his back looking up at his fishies on his play mat. We decided to try and see how he would like being in his Rainforest Jumperoo and found out that he loves it. It cracks me up to see him in there – he is so small that his

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Across the Cheddar Curtain

So Noah had his first trip out of state. We left our lovely state for Wisconsin. Ray’s mom has a stand at the Warren’s Cranberry Festival each year, so we drove to see her and to help her pack everything up. It was a little chillier than expected due to the fact that the sun

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A smile that could melt any mothers heart!! He’s been smiling for about a week now. First one corner turns up and then the next. Then his whole face is beaming – it’s great and I love it. The only thing that comes even close to this right now is when he laughs in his

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Little Muncher

Good news!!! Feeling like a milk maid and cow has paid off!! Our little muncher has gained 4 lbs since leaving the hospital!!! He now weighs 9lbs 15oz!! They say that babies will gain 1 to 2 lbs per month – he doubled that!! I think that he is making up for the 3 weeks

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