Playing around

I finally found the courage to take some photos in manual mode with our “big” camera… most of them turned out pretty well. Those that didn’t… well they were either deleted right away or didn’t make the cut to be shown here. *wink*

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Somebody had a birthday…

The past two weeks have just flown by. I tried sitting down to write a few times, but the words would either fail me or come out frustrated and upset… neither of which I could (our would want to) publish. So instead of worrying about my lack of blogging creativity, I sewed, crocheted, cleaned, organized

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Toddler fashion

Abby is a very independent little girl. She has wanted to do anything and everything on her own as soon as she was able to {and sometimes even when she wasn’t quite able to yet}. It’s no surprise then that she wants to pick out her own outfits and dress herself most days. This particular day I was allowed to layout a top for her, but she did the rest…

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Friday Flashback – Out of the Mouths of Babes

Oh my goodness, this next post had me laughing in remembrance after I just read it again. I knew that Noah was a late talker, but I had forgotten just how late of a talker her was… which makes me now feel better about Abby… our second shy talker… but I digress… I had forgotten about how little he spoke and what his first words were… or weren’t. I’m happy to say that in the 2 years following this post, Noah’s vocabulary has sky rocketed and he (and Abby too) both talk non-stop… no really, non-stop. His preschool teachers even mentioned that he has blossomed into quite the little talker over the past year!

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Happy Summer!!

Yesterday was the first official day of the summer!!! Yay!!! Is it bad that I’m silently hoping that the we get the rain that was forecast for today? It’s almost noon though and the sky is starting to clear up, so I don’t think that it’s going to happen.

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Friday Flashback – Dear Abby

It’s Friday again… why does it seem like the weeks just fly by? The kids and I have a few things planned for this morning before daddy comes home… but it’s all top secret!! 😉 It’s going to get hot today and I have a feeling that the slip and slide and water toys will be coming out today once all of our errands are taken care of.

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Road trip to Pennsylvania

One week ago I was in full road trip mode… the bag still needed to be packed, laundry was being finished up and the house needed to be cleaned before we left. By Thursday evening, the kids and I had said our goodbyes to Ray and we were on our way my dad’s house to spend the night, before leaving early Friday morning for PA. Noah was especially excited to go, since just a few days earlier my aunt emailed us this photo…

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One dry, one to go!

Our diaper/pull-up days are numbered here in our house! While Noah has been dry during the day for the past year, he has still been wearing {and needing pull-ups} at night. Over the past few months, the number of dry nights have been increasing, but there were still many, many, many nights that weren’t {not to mention that we had our fair share of nights that ended up with wet sheets}.

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