New Years Resolution- Crafts

I tend to get a severe case of craft procrastination (not that I ever, ever procrastinate about anything else! ha!). I will start a project and then for one reason or another will not finish it. Either I don’t have all of the materials needed, something goes wrong with it or I just get bored… it doesn’t really matter because the fate of the project is usually the same as the others… it gets shoved off somewhere to be “finished later”.

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Random Thoughts

The older I get the more annoyed I get with lousy drivers… I’m not the worlds greatest driver by any means, but is it too hard to use a turn signal? Do you have to cut your left turn so tight that you almost hit me or so that I can’t make a right turn

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We interrupt….

life in order to blog!! I just looked and realized that in the past 2 weeks (well, almost) I’ve only posted three times. Granted in that time I did host a give away and post the winner over on my review site, but I feel like I’ve been neglecting my baby. Why have I been

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So much to try…..

Hello my name is Michaela and I am a dabbler. If you were to ask me how long I’ve been this way…. well, I don’t think that I could give you an answer to that. Sewing, Cross-Stitching, Crafting, Knitting, Computers… you name it I’ve probably tried it at least once or twice. I’ll start a

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Craft overload

I have some crafting to catch up on and finish. Just off of the top of my head I am aware of 4 started projects (ok 2 of them were started yesterday). They are (in order of oldest to newest) Halloween counted cross stitch picture started September 2007 Scarf – started to knit a light

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Procrastination 101

I should have cleaned. The key word there is should. It was my intention to clean when I got up this morning. It just hasn’t happened yet. The closest I have gotten to cleaning today was to throw a load of towels into the washer. I did cook dinner though. I’m happy about that. It

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