Noah the model! {Foto Friday}

I was recently asked if I would have Noah model a onesie for a fellow mom, blogger and an etsy shop owner…

Noah Fall day 054 WW 10.28.09

Lesley from Project Mommyhood sent me this adorable little number for Noah…

Noah Fall day 053 WW 10.28.09

isn’t it just too cute?

Noah Fall day 073 WW 10.28.09

Most of these pictures are ones that I didn’t end up sending her (though you will find the first one in her shop)

Goebbert's Farm 119 WW 10.28.09

I just had to save some for here too!

As for my little Noah… you can see that spending part of the afternoon modeling just tuckered him out… that or he was telling me it was nap time… whatever the case, I think I may see a bright future unfolding for him…

Anyone else looking for an almost 15 month old baby model? We have some openings available!! =)

While you’re out blog-hopping or if you’re in the shopping mood, you should go check out Lesley’s Noah Baby Boutique blog too… not only is her little man too cute, but she’s got some great creations featured on there!!

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