Florida vacation {Foto Friday}

foto friday

Noah went on his first plane trip last week. My dad and step mom helped me with him and the luggage since Ray was catching a flight down to Florida the next day. I have to say that Noah did really well for having gotten up with me at 4 am! He slept for most of the drive to the airport, but only 10 minutes in the plane… right before landing of course! I thought I would share some pictures from the first two days of our trip… my camera battery died and I forgot to bring the charger or back up battery and Ray was already on his way to the airport when I noticed it, so unfortunately I have no pictures of Saturday when Ray was there with us!! =(

Florida 005 11.5

On the plane with Grandpa.

Florida 006 11.5

Eyeing Auntie K’s pretzels… she would eat the salt and give him the remaining pretzel… it was a match made in heaven!

Florida 010 11.5

Yes… yes… we are related!!

Florida 011 11.5

Splashing in the whirlpool with Auntie K.

Florida 003

Trying to be like Albert Einstein after his shower!

Florida 006

The view off of the porch from the house where my mom and some of my German family was staying.

Florida 011

Little Mr Clean-up… he had to put the squeegee to good use!

Florida 017

Trying out his first sucker… too bad for him that he has the actual candy part of it in his hand and was sucking on the paper stick!

Florida 018

Withone of my aunts visiting from Germany… she’s really from Ireland though (we have a very multi-national and multi-cultural family!)

Florida 019

With my mom (his Omi) after the wedding ceremony…

Florida 021

he wasn’t too sure about the Gulf!

Florida 028

My little beach bum!!

Florida Sandy toes

Sandy toes

Florida 035

Getting down on the dance floor… I wish I had been able to get more pictures of him dancing… it was just too cute!

I want to give a quick shout out again to Lesley from Project Mommyhood and Noah Baby Boutique… the Lil Man Tie Onesie was perfect for the occasion!! Thanks!!

11 thoughts on “Florida vacation {Foto Friday}”

  1. Cute pix, will sent you a lot more pictures from the vacation we took. Love the one with the sandy toes and me off course :)~ Omi and Nonno

  2. I have GOT to visit FLA someday – that is amazingly beautiful!
    I love the silly pics – funny times is what makes life so memorable 🙂

  3. Seeing those pics made me miss living in FL!!! Your pictures are gorgeous…I esp love the one of your son on the beach after the wedding!! Auntie Kay sounds like my kinda gal…I also eat the salt of off the pretzels and then give them to my kids!!! I never thought there was anyone else who ever did that!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog…hope you’ll be back again soon!

  4. Lovely, such good planning to go to Florida in November! We did Disney in September. It was the best time every, but so hot!!!

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