28 weeks and 17 months {Foto Friday}

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Ultrasound 27weeks 5days

We had our 27/28 week appointment this Wednesday. Besides getting to drink the lovely orange crush flavored glucose drink, we were also given the chance to see our little girl again. Yes… we did double check to make sure she’s still a girl… call us paranoid! The doctors want to have 2 extra ultrasounds to check her growth, since Noah had problems with that. It doesn’t look like she’s having any problems though! She weighs an estimated 2 lb 14 oz right now and was measuring at 28w 1d – 3 days larger than her due date (nothing significant, but larger none the less). She was laying head down with her legs folded over in such a way that I’m sure she could have sucked her toes if she wanted too! ha! She seemed to sleep through most of the ultrasound, but did wake up towards the end and gave a few good punches!! That’s my girl!! =)

Noah playing Playdoh

Now on to Noah… he turns 17 months old today!! Where has the time gone and who told him he’s allowed to grow up? He is becoming so independent and strong willed. He knows what he wants to do and he tries to get us to let him do it!! He still isn’t talking… the only word that he really says and uses correctly (most of the time at least) is “no”. He knows what everything is and when asked will point to it, but he refuses to “use his words” and talk. Our pediatrician didn’t seem too concerned at the 15 month appointment, but did mention that she likes to see children speaking some words by 18 months… we have 1 month to get him to start talking!! I know that he can… I just think he doesn’t want to talk yet!

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  1. My brother refused to speak till almost 3. Then woke up one morning and spoke in full sentences. He’s a chemical engineer today, so it cant be a that bad. Don’t worry too much about textbook milestones, just trust your gut
    .-= Luschka´s last blog ..A Bad Day’s Mothering =-.

  2. Yeah….27 weeks….over halfway there! Can’t wait till I’m over halfway….and It must be a Noah thing (the talking)…my Noah is so super smart…but gosh darn it…he really only says 4 or 5 words that I really understand….but drs say everything is fine…just a late developer…
    .-= Lesley´s last blog ..It’s beginning to look a lot Like….. =-.

    1. It’s gone by so fast this time around and I’m sure it will for you too! Our Noah’s are a lot alike – mine understands everything and knows how to communicate what he wants, he just doesn’t talk. Boys…

  3. Such a beautiful u/s pic! And I can’t believe you are already over half way there!! WOW!!

    And Noah is still a cutie!! Callie has become very strong willed too, and her latest thing is throwing temper tantrums. Like full on, throw herself down, scream, kick, alligator tears…the WHOLE nine yards. It’s lovely..NOT!!

    And I agree with you…Noah will talk when Noah is ready, and not before!! 😉

    I’m sorry for being away forever! I’m trying to get back on the wagon…
    .-= Kara @ His, Hers, and Ours´s last blog ..Post It Note Tuesday What Say Me =-.

    1. Oh – it must be the age – Noah has the tantrums down too! his lip goes first and then he arches his back and starts crying. Fun times!!
      Take your time getting back into things – you’ve had a busy past few weeks with the move!

  4. Can’t believe how fast your pregnancy is going! So glad to hear she’s growing well.

    And all kids need to get the memo that they aren’t allowed to grow up so fast! I just got off the phone with my little girl and she just rattled my ear off with her stories – sniffle sniffle, when did this happen?

    And Noah – all kids do things at different rates, trust me one day he’s never going to stop talking! I know it’s hard to imagine, but trust me it happens.
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Couch Shopping has lead us to… =-.

    1. I know! Why do they grow up so fast! I look at pictures of Noah from when he was born, and it feels like it was just yesterday that he was that small!
      And talk about fast pregnancy’s – yours is almost over!! You’ll get to meet your little girl soon =)

  5. I made the dr. check 1000 times over if it was a girl when I was preggers with DD.. so cute!

    As for Noah– try not to stress, sometimes they just need to talk at their own pace. My friends daughter didnt talk much til 20 mo… and now shes a chatter box. My dd is 16 mo and she doesnt say much besides mama dada and Milak (which means milk).

    Believe me when they start talking we’ll pray for the quiet days again 😉
    .-= complicated mama´s last blog ..The “REAL” Jersey Shore =-.

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