A shop update

Sew, sew, sew… I wish that I had more time during the day to sew!!! The only real uninterrupted time that I have is while the kids nap, and I have been trying to put that time to good use.

So far this week, I’ve been busy working on some new tote sizes and hope to be able to finish one or two of them up by tomorrow. I will be adding two larger sizes in the shop! I love the new sizes, they hold so much more and are still very kid friendly. Noah has been using both sizes as his preschool bags and I can’t wait to get to share those sizes with you too!! =)

I haven’t just been busy behind the scenes though! I added a new product to the shop yesterday…


Noby Designs Flower Hearts monogrammed pillow

introducing  the Flowering Hearts custom monogrammed pillow!!!

Pillows, pillows, pillows! Is it just me or is there something that attracts children to pillows? My kids love to play with the throw pillows from our couch and it was always bothering me to see them laying on the floor… getting stomped on my little toddler feet. My solution… make pillows specifically for the kids!  These pillows measure 16″ by 16″, are made out of durable white cotton canvas and have a zipper closure.

I made this particular pillow for Abby, though Noah likes to steal it away from her! {It also happens to be the project that I was working on when I sewed through my finger – ouch!! Don’t worry though, I learned my lesson well and all others come without finger incidents!}.

Don’t you just love those little puffy hearts?!!

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