Hello Monday

Hello Monday - Daffodil

Hello Monday and hello little daffodil. The warm {almost} summer weather has turned into spring weather again and you  and your friends are in full bloom. I love looking out onto the deck and seeing that little pop of color that you add there!

Hello Monday Mega Bloks

Hello trucks all lined  up in a row… it’s amazing that you are not broken into little  pieces right now, since two little pair of hands just love to play with you.

Hello Monday Dora undies

Hello undies… I hope that we will be seeing much more of you and much less of the diapers in the coming days… I think we will be doing some hard core potty training this week!

Hello Kindle and chai latte… in between trying to get a million other things done {hello never ending pile of laundry!!}, I am also trying to learn a little more about being an indie/handmade business owner. I want to see my little shop grow and blossom into the shop that I know it is meant to be! =)

Hello Monday Daffodil closeup

Hello camera… you and I really need to become better friends! I think that I am going to have to have daily visits with you so that we can become better acquainted, since I hope to be using you a lot in the upcoming weeks and months.

Hello you! I hope that you all had a great weekend. It was a bit rainy here on Saturday, so we packed the kids up and drove into the city to visit the Shedd Aquarium. We hadn’t been there since Noah was little, so it was a fun day for all of us. Both kids loved all of the fish and marine animals {though if you ask Noah he will tell you that he liked the sharks the best}. The sun came back out yesterday and we were able to spend some time outside playing and washing the car… I am so happy that the warmer weather has gone away for now and that Spring is truly here. I’m more of a spring and fall weather girl and will take 60’s / 70’s and sunshine over the hotter weather any day!!!

So far today we’ve been busy taking care of a few errands and getting the house back in order… is it just me or does it seem like the house is always a mess once the weekend ends… maybe it is just me?!? 😉 I’m hoping to get everything straightened up and tackle most of the remaining laundry, so that I can spend some time downstairs in my sewing space over the next few days… I have sooo much going on in my head that I would like to convert to fabric!!

Hello new week! Here’s hoping you are a very productive one!!!


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