Pumpkin Picking

One of the perks of being in the older preschool class, is that Noah now gets to go on field trips…. and {thanks to my mom, who watched Abby} I was able to go with Noah on his first one!!

All of the kids were so excited to be riding on a school bus… Noah has been on one before, but only to walk around and check it out. So naturally he couldn’t wait for it to start moving… though he was a little concerned about the lack of seat belts. 😉

Goofing on the bus


He was being such a little goofball on the ride to the farm… making faces, singing songs to me, and playing with his friend who was sitting in the seat in front of us.


Pumpkin picking

Noah had a great time playing with his friend on all of the attractions, but nothing was better than the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch and then being able to pick out not only a pumpkin for himself, but also one for his sister. In true brotherly fashion, he made sure to pick out a much smaller one for Abby, but we soon after that a bigger one would be better {and would cause less fighting 😉 }

It was a beautiful, sunny day… though a little on the chilly side… but it’s fall in the Midwest and quite honestly I love this weather… I think I was born for this weather. The day was perfect… and I think I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed having a little one on one time. 🙂

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